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5 eSignature Use Cases for More Contracts, Fewer Mistakes, and Secure Agreements


How much money and time do you waste signing paper documents? You format and print off a document, sign it, scan it, and reformat it again before sending it

How much money and time do you waste signing paper documents? You format and print off a document, sign it, scan it, and reformat it again before sending it.

This doesn’t sound too bad as a one-off. But what about when it’s repeated hundreds of times across your organization? It becomes a costly investment. Electronic signature (eSignature) solutions let you and your team sign documents in seconds from anywhere. Extending eSignature tools to every knowledge worker can help pave your organization’s path toward a more digital, efficient, and modern workplace.

Many of us are reluctant to transition from physical signatures to eSigning. In fact, 65% of all signatures still happen with pen and paper. But, beyond the time you and your team will save there are many benefits for your customers.

Making it easy for your customers to quickly sign contracts, coupled with your ability to track activity and send reminders, will help your business realize a measurable increase in document workflow productivity and directly impact your bottom-line for the better.

Unsure where to start? Check out 5 common user groups that would benefit from unlimited eSignatures:

1. Sales

The burden of lengthy paper-based sales cycles means less time spent building and maintaining all-important customer relationships. Consider workflows that support order processing, account setup, compensation plans, reseller agreements, and, of course, contracts. Set your sales team up for success and get deals signed faster—customers can sign in seconds from any browser enabled device. The result? Lower compliance risk and operational costs while creating a seamless customer experience.

“From a sales orders perspective, giving our customers the option to sign electronically from anywhere, has proven to be hugely helpful. Not only does this greatly expedite the process but it also gives our customers more flexibility and goes a long way to accommodate modern working habits. There is nothing like getting an order signed at the end of the quarter by a customer currently on a beach in Croatia, using their mobile phone.”

Liam Bissell, Corporate Account Executive at Nitro

2. Procurement

The procurement process can involve an endless number of documents that require you or other team members to sign the dotted line somewhere. Think about workflows that support purchase orders, SOWs, master agreements, RFP sign-offs, and supplier compliance. By empowering your procurement team with an eSignature solution it’s easy to get that dotted line signed from wherever you are in the world and guarantee top security and data protection. Your team gets notified in real-time as a document moves through the electronic signature process, so you’re informed every step of the way with Nitro. If someone forgets to sign it’s easy to send reminders. No more guessing and unnecessary chasing so you can spend more time working and less time tracking down signatures.

“With Nitro Sign we can turn around the most complicated agreements in minutes. We have complete visibility into the signing process. We are never stuck chasing down a missing signature.”

Nick Flynn, Sales Operations Manager at Nitro

3. Marketing

Your marketing team has big ideas—but do they have the time to bring them to life? The admin behind workflows that support event registrations, communication approvals, media insertion, brand compliance, asset approvals, and vendor agreements take up time and energy away from creativity. You can streamline these workflows to be faster and more efficient with user-friendly eSigning solutions. Lighten the burden of these workflows for your marketing team so they can achieve great things for your organization.

“Marketing teams work with a broad range of third-party vendors. As a result, contracting plays a significant role in modern-day marketing orgs. Nitro Sign gives us the ability to drastically cut time on the managing and signing of all these contracts. Instead of spending days passing a contract around all the various signatories, it can be placed into one signing stream and completed in a matter of hours.”

Stephen O’Riordan, Director Regional Marketing at Nitro

4. Human Resources

In today’s highly competitive battle to attract the best talent, only productive and effective HR teams will stand out. An eSigning solution is your HR team’s not-so-secret weapon to success! Your team will be able to contact employees from any part of the world and sign documents immediately, even on-the-go. Think about workflows that support new hire onboarding, contract acceptance, payroll, benefits and PTO, contractor documents, and exit materials… the list goes on.

An eSigning solution helps:

  • Create a faster onboarding and recruiting process
  • Save money by cutting unnecessary costs (such as paper and printing)
  • Eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks
  • Make a good first impression on tech-savvy candidates

“In such a competitive, candidate-led market, eSigning has allowed us to move extremely quickly once we make a hiring decision so that the candidate receives their job offer promptly from Nitro. The fact that we are hiring candidates across multiple geographies also necessitates us to have this level of speed and efficiency in our onboarding experience. Quite honestly, we could not operate without it in today’s market.”

Fiona O’Rourke, Senior People Business Partner at Nitro

5. IT

Save your IT team time and effort, eliminate paper, and increase productivity with Nitro. Consider workflows that support asset tracking, change requests, order fulfillment, access management, and change orders. How would these workflows look if your entire IT team were equipped to apply or request an electronic signature in a few simple clicks? You can give your IT team real-time visibility into critical agreement processes helping to boost collaboration and accelerate projects with Nitro. Ultimately your IT team will have time to fully commit to building and development, without the burden of tedious paper-based signature tasks.

“When we need to order hardware fast, eSigning lets me get the approvals done quickly and with high visibility. Suppliers can see as soon as the PO number is created.”

Martin O’Callaghan, IT Engineer at Nitro

Why burn through a significant percentage of your bottom line using paper-based signatures? When something as simple as offering the option to eSign can lead to more customers, fewer mistakes, and more secure agreements. Now, that’s difficult to argue against!

The future of remote work is here now

Nitro Sign is the electronic signature solution that allows anyone to get documents signed smarter, faster, and more securely, on any device – without the need for paper, pen, or printers. With unlimited eSignature requests and advanced capabilities such as team templates, bulk signing, custom branding, and two-factor authentication, Nitro Sign enables100% end-to-end digital document workflows from anywhere.

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