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Manage the entire lifecycle of your signed documents from one hub.
For legal and financial firms that rely on iManage for their document storage and email organization, the purpose-built integration with Nitro PDF Pro is crucial for smart, connected workflows.
For increased document security of sensitive information, companies rely on Microsoft Azure Information Protection to apply labels for classification. Nitro PDF Pro and Azure IP’s integration supports classified workflows to deliver a seamless experience.
Sign all your insurance documents in a fully digital way with Nitro Sign Premium eSignatures and Brio, the management package by excellence for large and small insurance brokers.
A data-driven platform making corporate & legal housekeeping more practical, accurate, and above all digital by integrating Nitro Sign Premium's eSignatures.
Streamline your HR processes and optimize your productivity thanks to the integration of Nitro Sign Premium Smart Documents & eSignatures in Talentsoft Hub.
Microsoft Power Automate
Easily integrate digital signatures in all Office365 applications with the Nitro Sign Premium eSignatures Power Automate connector.
The perfect accountant tool to centrally manage customer data, time registration, automatic generation of invoices and digital signatures.
From consumer purchases, b2B transactions, governmental administration, with Nitro Sign Premium's eSignatures you´ll manage these daily processes directly from Alfresco in a fully digital way.
Finalize the digitalization of your business processes with Nitro Sign Premium eSignatures and M-files, a full-blown intelligent information management solution.