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Microsoft Power Automate
Easily integrate digital signatures in all Office365 applications with the Nitro Sign Premium eSignatures Power Automate connector.
Manage the entire lifecycle of your signed documents from one hub.
Send an invitation to any of your Salesforce contacts and let them sign any document digitally using Nitro Sign eSignatures.
PDF Butler
Nitro and PDF Butler have partnered together to provide the end-user with fully automated solution for creating templates and signing them.
Nitro and Sofico are pleased to announce the successful integration of Nitro Sign's Premium eSignatures solution with Sofico’s leasing- and fleet management software Miles.
Sign any type of real estate documents (inventory of fixtures, interventions…) with Nitro Sign Premium eSignatures and Aareon.
KPD Construction Software
End-to-end digitalization with Nitro Sign Premium eSignatures and this most flexible ERP software for the general construction, renovation & installation sectors.
With Nitro Sign Premium, accountants can sign their assignment letters, annual accounts, reports, the board of directors, minutes,… digitally in Silverfin.
From consumer purchases, b2B transactions, governmental administration, with Nitro Sign Premium's eSignatures you´ll manage these daily processes directly from Alfresco in a fully digital way.