Tips for Editing and Sending Snow Removal Contracts

Looking for a winter snow removal contract template to use with clients for your business? We’ve got a template ready to be customized for your needs today.

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PDF Template - snow removal service contract template
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  • Why Use a Snow Removal Contract Template
  • Basics of Snow Removal Contracts
  • Avoiding Common Business Mistakes
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Why Use a Snow Removal Contract Template?

Snow removal contract templates can be very helpful to a small business owner. You know you need a contract, but you want to make sure you are covering all possible contingencies. Using an existing snow removal contract template allows you to feel confident you are covering all possible issues, as well as providing you with the peace of mind knowing you and your client are on the same page. Here are some useful tips for using an existing template for snow removal contracts.

Covering the Basics in Snow Removal Contracts

Nearly every snow removal contract template will have the basics covered for your use. These areas can be customized to be used for residential, commercial, or governmental clients. These are the basics:

  • Name and mailing addresses for your business and your client
  • The length of service (i.e. is this is a “one of” or a full season)
  • Full description of exact services to be provided
  • Address to be serviced
  • Payment expectations (per time, per hour, etc.)
  • Frequency of payments
  • Whether client requires approval of job prior to payment
  • If client is supplying any tools agreement on returning
  • Timing of work to be performed (e.g. specific “time before” may be required in some cases)
  • Other client specific clauses (e.g. confidentiality, performance clauses)
  • Breaches of contract
  • Subcontractors
  • Status of service provider (e.g. independent contractor) and payment of taxes

Avoiding Common Snow Removal Business Mistakes

The purpose of having a snow removal contract is to protect your business from legal liability. To ensure you are properly protected, you should avoid making these common mistakes:

  • Get started early — make sure you review your prior year’s contracts and reach out to clients well before the season starts. Otherwise, you could lose clients to competitors.
  • Failure to plan — make sure when you are signing a contract with a new client you have the manpower available to fulfill the terms of the contract.
  • Have a backup plan — make sure you have a backup plan if any of your contractors cannot fulfill a job on a specific day.
  • Make sure you have insurance — working without proper liability coverage could prove to be a costly error.
  • Failure to communicate — if something comes up, make sure you contact your clients right away. Failing to effectively communicate with a client can cost you a valuable contract.
  • Not watching the weather — planning ahead is necessary which means you should be a weather monitor. Make sure if a big storm is coming you have all your plans in place, and a backup plan in case of issues.

Helpful Snow Removal Contract Resources

For more information about effective snow removal contracts visit:

Getting the Required Signatures on a Snow Removal Contract Template

Once you have fully negotiated the terms of a snow removal contract, you need to ensure it is properly executed to memorialize your agreement. Signatures can often be difficult to collect since everyone has a different schedule. Instead of worrying about timing, Nitro can help make signature collection easy. Once your snow removal contract template is fully customized to meet the needs of you and your customer, you can send it from Nitro, get it signed, and get it returned. Start your free trial of Nitro today and find out how easy it is to use for all your contracts.

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