What to Know About Catering Contracts

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If you're working as a caterer, or you want to start up that type of business, you need a catering contract template to make sure you're covering all the legal issues and areas you have to consider. That way, you can feel secure in your business dealings, and the people who hire you can feel secure with their choices, too. Here are the most important things you need to know about a catering contract.

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Catering contracts are very similar to other contracts. But they do have a few differences, because you're providing both a service and a product. Here in this article, we'll cover:

  • Important Catering Contract Clauses
  • The Best Practices for Catering Contracts
  • Tips for a Secure Catering Contract
  • Key Considerations to Remember
  • Related Sources for Information

The Most Important Clauses in Catering Contracts

In catering contracts, you need to make sure their are specific clauses to address all the legalities and expectations. Because catering can be everything from cupcakes for a birthday party to a full-on wedding feast, the contract needs to be broad enough to cover every event and requirement.

  1. Date and Location Timeline -- Where and when the event is taking place matters, because you need to make sure you're fitting the event into your schedule.
  2. Number of Guests / Amount of Product -- Having enough food is vital, if you want people to be happy with your catering business.
  3. Menu Details -- The person contracting with you has to approve the menu, and putting it in writing can help avoid problems in the future.
  4. Cost Analysis -- Not only do you need to be clear on the price, but a breakdown of what everything costs can help your client make decisions.
  5. Unexpected Circumstances -- If you charge a fee for a late cancellation, for example, you want to spell that out in the contract.

The more carefully you focus on the clauses in a catering contract template, the more easily you can fill it out and make sure you're prepared for the event. The people who hire you have expectations for their day, and you want to be sure the contract reflects that for both of you.

Best Practices for Catering Contracts

By using a catering contract template, you get all the legalities and "boilerplate" language covered. That helps to protect you, but it's also a way for your client to feel protected and secure, too. Most people don't want to pay for a caterer without some kind of contract, and you want to be sure you can recoup your losses legally if the client cancels too close to the event or fails to pay their balance. Be sure you:

  • Make certain your catering contract is completed before you send it for the client's signature.
  • Don't change any of the terms you've agreed to with the client.
  • Keep the boilerplate language that comes in the catering contract template, and clearly mark any adjustments.

Your client needs to know what to expect, and it's important that you don't give them any surprises. A catering contract template is one of the best ways to reduce those kinds of concerns.

Tips for Having a Secure Catering Contract

Sending your catering contract electronically helps everyone feel more secure about signing it. When you want to use electronic means to complete your deal with the client,use Nitro Sign to get your contracts signed. It's a quick and easy way to complete the contract, so you can get started preparing for the catering event.

The Key Considerations for a Catering Contract

There are some significant considerations for anyone who's using a catering contract, in order to make sure everything is properly covered for the client's event. Some of the most important things to consider are:

  • Wording that avoids any legal issues.
  • Attention to detail, and clarity about the specifics.
  • A timeline for the catering job itself.
  • Security for your catering business and the client who hired you.
  • Protection for your business if any legal issues do arise.

With a catering contract, you can have peace of mind and so can your client. They can just enjoy getting ready for their event, knowing that the catering is being handled by professionals they can trust.

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