Top Considerations for Using a Nanny Contract Template

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Nannies are more than childcare providers: they're friends, protectors, confidants...even chauffeurs. They often feel like family members, but they deserve the protection that only a detailed contract can provide.

A nanny contract template paves the path to a great relationship between nannies, parents, and, of course, children.

In this guide, we explain what is included in a typical nanny contract — and how a nanny contract template can streamline this process. We'll cover the following:

  • Basic details
  • Additional clauses to consider
  • Mistakes to avoid

Basic Details in a Nanny Contract Template

Nanny contracts can look dramatically different based on the number of children, the services provided, and the family's schedule. Typically, however, a nanny contract template will include these basic details:

  • Names of the parents, children, and nanny. This section is simple: include the name of the nanny, as well as the names of all children cared for and the parents of those children. The contract may also mention the children's dates of birth.
  • Addresses where the nanny will provide care. Many nannies work in the homes of the families they serve. However, when parents are divorced or separated, nannies may need to provide care in multiple locations. When in doubt, all addresses in which services will be provided should be mentioned in the contract.
  • Work hours. Defining schedules may be difficult, as work hours can change based on the evolving needs of both the family and nanny. Still, this section should be specific. Explain which days and times the nanny will be available to care for children. Be sure to mention the potential for changes, as well as the ability of the nanny to travel or not travel with the family.
  • Payment terms. How and when will the nanny be paid? Be sure to mention the pay period and whether the nanny's salary is determined on an hourly or daily basis. This section should also cover overtime arrangements, as well as the nanny's status as an independent contractor. 

Extra Clauses Worth Adding

Customization is a crucial component of any nanny contract template, as arrangements will vary significantly based on the needs of the family and the preferences of the parents. The following clauses can limit confusion so that both nannies and parents are aware of their rights and obligations:

  • Duties. If work responsibilities are not specifically highlighted in their contracts, nannies risk being asked to perform unwanted tasks beyond the scope of childcare. Similarly, parents may be surprised to find that nannies are not willing to complete certain jobs. To remove all doubt, clarify all of the responsibilities. Don't be afraid to get specific. Examples could include transportation to activities, meal preparation, laundry, or keeping a journal of the day's events.
  • House rules. Parents count on nannies to enforce house rules. This is not possible, however, if nannies are unaware of basic policies. To avoid confusion, list these in the nanny contract. This comprehensive section could include anything from the need for vaccination to preferences regarding screen time. 
  • Benefits. Mention any benefits the nanny might receive in addition to the compensation outlined in the document. For example, parents may reimburse nannies for meals or parking. The contract should mandate that these costs be logged. Nanny contracts may also specify whether paid time off will be provided.

Common Mistakes Worth Avoiding

The following nanny contract mistakes are unfortunately common — but with a little insight, they can easily be avoided.

  • Relying on verbal agreements. The often casual nature of nanny-parent relationships makes it easy to accidentally leave important terms out of written agreements. This crucial mistake can lead to major disputes down the road. To avoid later fiascos, include all details — no matter how minor they seem — in the nanny contract.
  • Not reviewing or updating contracts. While some nannies only stay with families for a few months, many work on a long-term basis. As schedules change and children grow older, contract adjustments may be required. 
  • Neglecting contract security. In addition to examining the details contained within each contract, it's important to consider how the document is signed. Many families and nannies prefer to complete this step online. This can be a great option, but it's important to consider security. Nitro Sign handles these concerns by providing a safe and convenient solution. This delivers greater peace of mind for all parties involved. 

Getting the Nanny Contract Signed

Now that you understand what a nanny contract should include and how it should be executed, it's time to take the next step. If you need a convenient and secure eSign workflow, get started with a free trial of Nitro Sign.

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