Things to Consider with Brand Ambassador Contracts

Looking for a brand ambassador contract template to use for your business? We’ve got a template ready to be customized for your needs today.

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Today’s companies often rely on brand ambassadors to help promote their products or services. While this can happen organically, sometimes the brand ambassador is paid through products or actual monetary stipends. When there is value behind the brand ambassador, a contract helps protect both the contractor and the company using their services. This guide will help brand ambassadors take advantage of templates to create a personalized contract for their clients.

Below We’ll Cover

  • What a Brand Ambassador Contract Template Needs
  • Clauses to Protect Your Work
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Links to Additional Resources
  • Signing a Brand Ambassador Contract Template

What a Brand Ambassador Contract Template Needs

  • Overview of the working relationship
  • Contact information for all parties
  • Compensation
  • Length of contract
  • Termination
  • Modification terms
  • Mandatory disclosures required from the FTC

Clauses to Protect Your Work

Brand ambassadors do important marketing work, but they also need to protect themselves and their careers. These clauses will help:

  • Product Use and Ownership clause – Brand ambassadors are often given products to test before posting reviews. This clause states how those products can be sued, such as whether or not the ambassador owns the product and can resell them. Often companies retain ownership of the products they deliver for use, and the ambassador must return them when they are no longer using them.
  • Deliverables and Deadlines clause – This details what the brand ambassador will create or post and when it is required. If the company wants to approve content that is going out, that should be part of this clause.
  • Copyright clause – The copyright clause protects both the copyright to the products the ambassador promotes and the copyright to the works the ambassador creates. All creative work remains the copyrighted material of the ambassador, while the products remain the copyrighted material of the company.
  • Confidentiality agreement – Brand ambassadors may learn private information in the course of their relationship, and the confidentiality agreement means they are not allowed to share that information.
  • Separability clause – This clause allows the contract to become separated should some part become illegal or invalid. This means the rest of the contract remains legally binding.
  • Representations and Warranties clause – This clause outlines the duties and responsibilities of the brand ambassador and what types of work they are restricted from, such as defamatory or offensiveness content that could reflect badly on the brand being represented.
  • Exclusivity clause – Some companies will want their brand ambassadors to sign an exclusivity clause that limits the ambassador from working with other companies in similar fields. This keeps the company safe from having competitors on the brand ambassador’s social media and website pages.

Mistakes to Avoid

When personalizing your brand ambassador contract template, make sure you do not make these mistakes:

  • Don’t fail to put a term or termination clause into the contract. You want a way out of the agreement at some point.
  • Don’t fail to address FTC requirements. Brand ambassadors must disclose they are being paid for their advertisement, so put that fact in your contract. A template will include this.
  • Don’t fail to identify all parties in the contract.

Links to Additional Resources

To learn more about how a contract can protect a brand ambassador, visit these resources:

Collect Signatures on Your Brand Ambassador Contract

A brand ambassador contract is only protecting you if you have it signed. Using Nitro Sign, you can collect those signatures remotely, allowing you to start your work right away. This is a secure, easy-to-use platform for delivering documents and collecting signatures.

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