Tips for Customizing and Using Event Photography Contracts

Looking for an event photography contract template to use for your business? We’ve got a template ready to be customized for your needs today.

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Your photography business success requires you to make sure you have a clear understanding of each assignment you accept and that you are paid for your work. You can eliminate the risk of not understanding the scope of a job, and make sure payment terms are clear by using an event photography contract template.

Here’s What We’ll Cover Below:

  • Event Photography Contract Clauses
  • Warnings About Job Scope Creep
  • Making Changes to Contracts
  • Helpful Resources

Event Photography Contract Clauses

As with any contract, there are standard parts which must be included. When using an event photography contract template, you will see the following clauses included which allow for full customization with the information you and your client agree upon.

  • Parties to the contract
  • Event Details (date, location)
  • Time Details (start and end)
  • Event Type (occasion and formal/informal)
  • Theme (if warranted)
  • Additional locations (for photos)
  • Fees (descriptive)
  • Pre-event consultation (if used)
  • Cancellation policy (with refund/deposit agreement)
  • Identifying "important parties" during event
  • Scheduling time (starting and adding to schedule)
  • Venue rules (which photographer must honor)
  • Copyright Notice
  • Display Notice
  • Model Release
  • Liability Limits
  • Change/Amendment Clause
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Severability and Waiver
  • Jurisdiction
  • Assignability of Rights (successors/assigns)

These are the typical clauses one should have included in all photography contracts.

Warnings About Job Scope Creep

One challenge a photographer often faces is being asked to do “impromptu” photos at an event which are not included in their contracts. There are ways in which this can be handled including:

  • Contract addendums — you could use a contract addendum to advise a client before an event of add-ons which could be made available during the event for a specific fee. The client would then be notified at the event if they asked for an add on that they were covered in the addendum to the contract and they would have to verbally agree to the add on. Immediately upon ending the event, you would be wise to ask the client to initial any items which they authorized and advised of the additional costs. Payment arrangements should be made.
  • Separate service sheet — another possible option is to have an additional service sheet with you when you leave to attend a photography event. If the client requests additional services at the event, this sheet would contain the specifics as well as the costs associated with the add on services.

The last thing you want to do as a photographer is add on time to an event and not be compensated for the time. You also do not want to wind up taking photos for a client which were not part of the original contract without getting an agreement from the client on their willingness to pay for the additional services.

Making Changes to Contracts

There are often reasons why a contract may need to be changed. Venue rules may change, weather-related issues may result in a change becoming necessary, or the date of the event may be postponed. Make sure you have an area in your event photograph contract template for outlining how these types of changes may be handled, and what the deadlines are for changing dates.

Customers often tend to think that independent photographers only book one event a day. However, if their event is one of multiple events which are scheduled in a day, it is important for you to make that clear to them upfront so they are aware the time frame cannot be altered to accommodate changes in their schedule or request.

Helpful Resources

Finalizing an Event Photography Contract Template

When you and your client have settled on all the final details of your contract, you will need to finalize the agreement to ensure it is binding upon both parties. Fortunately, this will not always require you to attend a second or third face-to-face meeting. Thanks to technology and the legality of electronic signing, it is easier than ever to use Nitro for finalizing all your contracts! Start your free trial of Nitro today.

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