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Share a Document
Juli22 ,202101 :11 AM
Nitro Sign offers multiple ways to share, review, and collaborate on documents outside of an eSigning workflow.
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Set Custom eSigning Order
Juli22 ,202101 :07 AM
By default, when a signature request has multiple recipients, all recipients will be notified of the request at the same time and the recipients can sign in any order.
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Send an eSignature Reminder
Juli22 ,202112 :57 AM
You can send notifications to recipients reminding them that they have unfulfilled eSignature requests.
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Share from Nitro Pro
Juli22 ,202101 :14 AM
Documents can easily be shared with Nitro Sign directly from within Nitro Pro. You must be logged in to your Nitro Sign account to use this feature.
Use a Saved eSignature Template
Juli22 ,202101 :30 AM
Templates are used to speed up repeated signature requests by saving a document with the form fields already added. If you have not created any templates yet, check out Create a Template for how to do so.
Send for Signature
Two-factor Authentication (2FA) with SMS
Juli22 ,202101 :26 AM
How to enable 2FA with SMS on an eSignature request
Working with Teams
Juli22 ,202101 :58 AM
Team-related features are exclusively available to members of Team or Enterprise plans.
Microsoft Power Automate-Integration
06. Mai 2021, 19:37 Uhr
Sie können jetzt Microsoft Power Automate verwenden, um Ihre Nitro Sign-Workflows zu vereinfachen. Power Automate ist das Workflow-Automatisierungstool von Microsoft, das mit Hunderten von beliebten Apps verbunden ist, einschließlich der vollständigen Online-Produktsuite von Microsoft. Sie können Arbeitsabläufe zwischen Nitro Sign und jeder dieser Apps automatisieren, um den manuellen Aufwand sich wiederholender, alltäglicher Aufgaben zu vermeiden.
Microsoft Word Integration
07. Mai 2021, 19:39 Uhr
You can now upload and send documents for signature through Nitro Sign directly from within Microsoft Word by enabling the Nitro Cloud Add-in.
Nitro for Dropbox
07. Mai 2021, 19:59 Uhr
You can also use Nitro to sign, convert, organize, and optimize your documents directly from within Dropbox.
Request an eSignature from Nitro Pro
18. Mai 2021, 19:27 Uhr
Documents can be sent for signature directly from within Nitro Pro. You must be logged in to your Nitro Sign account to use this feature.
Save to Nitro Sign
26. Mai 2021, 19:47 Uhr
Your PDF files can be accessed at any time if they have been saved to Nitro Sign. To save and access files, you must be logged in to your Nitro Cloud account.
Juli22 ,202101 :20 AM
You can now send documents for signature or self-sign using Nitro Sign from within SharePoint Online. Once your signature request has been completed, the signed document will be automatically saved back to your SharePoint site. Download the free Nitro Sign app for SharePoint to get started.
Juli22 ,202102 :00 AM
You can now use Zapier to simplify your Nitro Sign workflows. Zapier is a workflow automation tool, which is connected to thousands of popular apps. You can automate workflows between Nitro Sign and any of these apps to remove the manual effort of repetitive, everyday tasks.
Nitro Sign for Salesforce
22. Juli 2021, 13:24 Uhr
The Nitro Sign for Salesforce app lets you request eSignatures on your sales contracts and other documents directly from Salesforce. You can also view the status of signature requests, and send reminders or cancellations for pending signature requests.
Add a document
26. März 2021, 13:36 Uhr
You can add documents to My Documents from both your local machine as well as the following storage providers:
Download and Store Documents
04. Mai 2021, 19:15 Uhr
You can export documents residing in Nitro Sign by downloading them to your local desktop or by copying it to a cloud storage location.
Rename, Duplicate, or Delete a Document
18. Mai 2021, 19:49 Uhr
All documents uploaded to Nitro Sign can be renamed, duplicated, or deleted at any point—irrespective of the status of the document.
Versioning a Document
Juli22 ,202101 :37 AM
In Nitro Sign, new versions of documents can be uploaded for any document that has not been shared or is not currently a part of a signature workflow. Earlier versions of a document can also be viewed and downloaded.
View status & history of a PDF file
Juli22 ,202101 :54 AM
Staying up to date on the status and history of your documents is easy
eSign a Document
Juli22 ,202102 :04 AM
With Nitro Sign, you can quickly and easily add your electronic signature to any document.
Document Status and History
Download Audit Trail
04. Mai 2021, 19:59 Uhr
In addition to viewing a document's history, a detailed audit trail of all the activity associated with a document can be downloaded from Nitro Sign. The ability to download an audit trail provides users with a clean and descriptive document highlighting all document information, active users, and document history.
Document Status and History
Anzeigen von Dokumenten
Juli22 ,202101 :50 AM
All activity on a Nitro Sign document is tracked and stored, and can be viewed by the document owner and any users that the document has been shared with.
Document Status and History
View PDF Document Status
Juli22 ,202101 :53 AM
The status and history of documents in an eSignature workflow can be viewed and tracked on Nitro Sign.
Document Productivity Tools
Seiten organisieren
13. Mai 2021, 19:19 Uhr
The Organize tool in Nitro Sign can be used to alter the layout of documents and modify the order of pages within a document.
Create a Nitro Account
03. Mai 2021 03:33 Uhr
Documents that have been opened or edited in Nitro Pro can be uploaded and sent for signature through Nitro Sign. This requires the creation of a Nitro Sign account, which you can do from within Nitro Pro.
Add Multi-Factor Authentication
29. April 2021 14:01 Uhr
How to add Multi-Factor Authentication to an eSignature Request
Compress & Optimize Documents
03. Mai 2021 03:15 Uhr
The Optimize tool can be used to reduce the size of large documents to improve shareability while maintaining the document's appearance.
Send for Signature
Save eSignature Request Drafts
18. Mai 2021, 19:44 Uhr
Drafts are an easy way to return to documents that are being prepared for eSigning.
Create a Signing Template
03. Mai 2021, 19:00 Uhr
Templates are ideal for repetitive signature request workflows that involve standardized documents—like sales contracts, purchase orders, or employee time off requests. Choosing to create a template will save any form or eSignature fields applied to that document, enabling you send it out to a new contact for completion without spending time re-adding the fields.

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