Salem Media saves thousands each year with Nitro Sign
“Nitro has simplified our workflows. I used to have to walk from desk to desk to get signatures, and it’s given me so much of my time back.”
Irving, Texas
Customer Since 2018
Nitro Sign
Cutting costs & growing eSignatures
Reduce licensing costs while deploying digital workflows
eSignatures were standard within Salem Media’s Sales department, but due to the high cost of their existing solution, there was a limited number of team members who could actually use them. This proved to be problematic when everyone shifted to remote work, and there was a company-wide demand for paperless signatures. However, it was too expensive to deploy their existing eSignature tool across the entire organization.
A scalable, affordable transformation
Sean Shordon, Salem’s IT project manager, saw the move to remote work as an opportunity to increase the use of digital workflows across the company. Shordon chose Nitro Sign for its ease of use, competitive pricing and ease of adoption.

The Results

Thanks to Nitro's competitive pricing model, Salem Media was able to deploy Nitro Sign to over 100 users across sales, marketing, accounting, and engineering - all while saving thousands of dollars per year.
Enhanced Productivity
“Nitro has simplified our workflows. I used to have to walk from desk to desk to get signatures, and it’s given me so much of my time back,” says Shordon.
Broad Adoption
Standardizing on Nitro allowed Salem Media to deploy eSignatures to ten times the number of employees who previously had access, enabling efficiency throughout the organization.
Increased Visibility
Nitro’s Audit Trail & Analytics features allowed the accounting department to create an “electronic filing cabinet” of signatures, simplifying their auditing processes.
Our biggest success is with our sales and marketing teams. Each division already has their contracts in Nitro Sign, and they can collect signatures for ad spots with no waiting. We use Nitro across more than 35 markets.
Sean Shordon
Sean Shordon | IT Project Manager

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