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Nitro saves PET Imaging Institute of South Florida employees hours of paperwork a week
“Nitro works so well in a medical environment. It saves each of our users around 15 to 20 minutes every day.”
Florida, United States
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Staff at PET Imaging Institute of South Florida process patient records quickly and securely with Nitro

The Challenge

Process extensive medical records in an efficient and cost-effective way

PET Imaging Institute of South Florida operates at the cutting edge of medical technology, providing advanced imaging studies that enable doctors to effectively diagnose and evaluate cancer in their patients.

While each of the company’s three centers sees only around 30 patients a day (due to the complex and time-consuming nature of PET/CT scans), this results in a huge amount of paperwork – between 2,400 and 4,200 pages of medical records for staff to process every 24 hours. It is a job that calls for a highly efficient and easy-to-use PDF editing tool, but the tool the company was using back in 2016 was not meeting their needs.

Infrastructure Manager, Barrett Loveless, explains: “Not only was the software we were using extremely expensive, but it also had some serious interplay issues with our surrounding systems. That’s why we started looking around for an alternative. We needed a more flexible and cost-effective solution that we could efficiently run in the background on virtual desktop platforms.”

After exploring a number of potential alternatives, Barrett and the team identified Nitro as the solution that was best designed to meet their needs.

The Solution

Using Nitro features to solve a wide range of productivity challenges

Almost a decade on from the company’s adoption of Nitro, employees of the PET Imaging Institute of South Florida are now using the software to boost productivity across a variety of day-to-day tasks.

One widely used tool is Optical Character Recognition (or OCR), which translates images into machine-readable text. This allows users to search for key words or phrases, which can save significant time when organizing a patient’s notes for a physician. It also means the information can be run through AI tools. This is of great benefit to legal team members who, as well as using Nitro’s eSign function for contract signing, can apply cutting-edge AI software that analyzes each contract beforehand for possible loopholes.

Another Nitro feature that has proved popular with users is the extraction tool. Barrett Loveless, the company’s Infrastructure Director, explains: “A typical patient will have seen around six physicians before being referred to us. The documentation from all those consultations needs to be placed in our electronic medical records system, and sometimes our medical staff will come across a parking garage receipt or some similar item that has accidentally found its way in among the paperwork. The extraction tool allows you to remove and destroy these rogue pages quickly and easily.”

The Results

three people.svg
40 out of 50 employees regularly use Nitro
Around 80% of the company’s workforce now use Nitro as part of their day-to-day work.
time saved.svg
20 minutes saved per user per day
Nitro has helped speed up the record-keeping process, freeing staff members to focus on more complex tasks.
signing simplified.svg
Contract signing simplified
Nitro’s eSign feature has replaced all other electronic signature tools, making it quick and easy for legal team members to sign bulletproof contracts.

“Working with healthy and robust software companies is very important to me because it frees me up to concentrate on other things. Nitro is one of those healthy and robust software companies – and the software itself has saved us money and a significant amount of time, which is critical when you are providing medical assistance in a rapid and versatile environment.”

- Barrett Loveless | Infrastructure Director for PET Imaging Institute of South Florida

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