A Digital Integration Journey with Mozzeno
"Nitro's understanding of Mozzeno's needs drove a strategic deployment tailored to our unique challenges."
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Navigating secure electronic Signatures in a digital landscape
mozzeno´s goal was clear: to establish a 100% digital lending platform that eliminated the need for physical branches. They wanted secure and efficient eSignatures, with high regulatory compliance and low risk. Balancing these needs was challenging, especially considering they needed qualified signatures that met regulatory requirements. Traditional solutions often relied on Java, which created complications and frustration among users.
Embracing innovative eSign technology
On their search, mozzeno explored multiple eSigning vendors. Nitro's solution stood out due to its unique approach. The absence of Java dependency and its user-friendly interface were key deciding factors. Nitro offered a flexible solution that enabled them to control their eSign through parameters and APIs, striking a balance between simplicity and customization.

Mozzeno efficiently processes 60,000 regulation-compliant eSignatures a year using Nitro Sign Premium

A seamless borrower journey
An online lending process begins with a potential borrower doing a simulation and creating an account on the mozzeno platform. They provide information for identity verification using eID or itsme®, which is made possible by the integration with Nitro´s Identity Hub. The next step is to collect job and income details, calculate a credit score and, upon pre-approval, offer credit options along with a list of required evidences. Borrowers provide these evidences digitally, often through bank account transactions through PSD2 connections. Once secure evidences are gathered, borrowers can sign the contract with Nitro Sign Premium, which includes a highly regulated and detailed loan agreement.
Digital integration that exceeded expectations
mozzeno´s journey with Nitro started with a hybrid approach due to the novelty of digital signatures in 2017. mozzeno was pleasantly surprised by the speed of adoption. The convenience and reliability of digital signatures led to a remarkable high conversion rate, surpassing their initial expectations. This success prompted the company to shift from an hybrid approach (paper and digital) and move towards a fully digital signing process. Efficiency Gains: By adopting Nitro Sign Premium, the company transformed a once manual, error-prone process into an automated workflow and saved approximately 10 minutes per document in contract verification. eSignatures Volume: mozzeno now efficiently processes approximately 60,000 eSignatures per year. Increased Control and Compliance: Nitro´s solution allowed mozzeno to maintain control over their processes while ensuring compliance with regulations. This balance was essential for their success. Future Growth and Innovation: With Nitro's adaptable solution, mozzeno can easily integrate new features and methods as their lending platform evolves. This flexibility supports their future growth and innovation.

Key Features that Made a Difference

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Flexibility and Control
mozzeno had full control over their eSign processes through a rich set of APIs and parameters, ensuring flexibility without complexity.
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Support of Qualified Signatures
Nitro’s compliance expertise and experience with qualified signing methods gave mozzeno peace of mind throughout the partnership.
Efficient Document Workflows
Nitro Sign Premium allows to work with document packages, validating documents and streamlining mozzeno´s workflow.
“The integration of Nitro Sign Premium has been from the beginning of our activity a critical component of our innovative platform. The solution's unique features, efficiency gains and exceptional support have paved the way for our success in the lending industry.”
Frederic Dujeux Co-Founder, mozzeno
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