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Knight Frank Australia Cuts Signing Process from Days to Minutes with Nitro
“Getting real estate contracts signed with Nitro is just so easy.”
Sydney, AUS
Company Size
Real Estate
Customer since 2017 (Nitro Sign Customer since 2020)
Nitro PDF Pro, Nitro Sign

Nitro helps Knight Frank Australia digitize their paper trail and save 60% on productivity tools

Speed up real estate processes by switching from paper-based to digital signing
Contract signing is part of everyday life at Knight Frank Australia. Part of one of the world’s leading real estate consultancies, the company provides clients across Australia with a comprehensive range of commercial and residential property services. In a typical month, the business will generate around 200 contracts for their clients to sign. Signing is traditionally time-consuming, with signatories having to wait days for paper contracts to be posted and returned before the transaction is complete. To speed up the process and increase business efficiency, Knight Frank required a digital alternative that was safe, secure and simple to use.
Secure eSignature software provided at no additional cost
Knight Frank Australia has been a Nitro customer since 2017, with Nitro PDF Pro now being deployed across their corporate teams and within their franchise businesses. When the company renewed their Nitro contract in 2020 and discovered they could include Nitro Sign at no extra cost, they jumped at the opportunity to start eSigning. John Walton, Director, Head of Service Delivery at Knight Frank Australia explains: “A lot of our business is about signing contracts. The more we can do it digitally, the more efficient we can become. Nitro Sign provided the ideal solution, enabling our teams to get documents signed in a fraction of the time.” From his previous experiences as a Nitro Pro customer, John knew the Nitro team would play a key role in encouraging people across Knight Frank Australia to adopt the new solution – and so it has proved. “The team are just so flexible and responsive, providing you with support wherever you need it. Our goal is to get 80% of employees using the solution. With Nitro’s help, I’m sure we can do it.”

The Results

Signing process cut from days to minutes
It takes days to get a paper contract posted, signed and returned. Using Nitro Sign, Knight Frank can complete the process safely and securely in a matter of minutes. With an average of 800 contracts being generated every quarter, this represents a huge increase in business efficiency.
90% of employees using Nitro Pro at least three times a week
The vast majority of Knight Frank Australia’s 1,110 employees now use Nitro as part of their day-to-day work. Users are supported by a Knight Frank-branded knowledge base, provided by Nitro.
40% reduction in overall costs
The widespread adoption of Nitro PDF Pro has helped the company make significant savings, as it costs only 60% as much as the PDF editing tool they were previously using.
Nitro gives us everything we need from our PDF-editing and eSigning tools – and from an economic perspective, it is far superior to the alternatives. But the thing that really impresses me is the personal relationship we have with the Nitro team. They are always there for us, whatever we need.
John Walton | Director, Head of Service Delivery
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