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Keytrade Bank Achieves a 100% Digital Customer Experience with Nitro Sign Premium
"Digitally onboarding new clients within one and the same step as signing the contract is what makes us unique in the market."
Brussels, Belgium
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Nitro Sign Premium

Secured workflows and seamless integration

The Challenge
Managing mortgage loan agreements and signatures digitally
A leader in online trading in Belgium, Keytrade Bank enables customers to access their accounts online from anywhere and manage their finances in their own time. Yet when expanding its B2C online services to include mortgage loans, Keytrade Bank needed a way for customers to add qualified, authenticated digital signatures to transactions in a simplified and secure manner.
The Solution
A secure and compliant eSignature integration
Nitro Sign Premium provided Keytrade Bank with an intuitive eSign platform that met their regulatory and legislative needs. Customers could easily sign contracts with electronic identity cards for full security. Nitro Sign Premium improved the time it took for customers to close on a loan, allowing them to move through the process in less than 48 hours.

The Results

Saved time and costs
By utilizing Nitro Sign Premium, Keytrade Bank reduced its administrative costs by more than 80%. With Nitro Sign Premium’s workflows, employees can now regularly monitor the status of onboarding, loan inquiries and mortgage requests, prompting reminders for customers to complete the eSign process or reach out with questions.
Flawless user experience
Ready-to-sign customers received clear instruction on the signing process and could choose their own electronic signing methods, resulting in a 99% success rate. Nitro Sign Premium also handled Keytrade Bank's large uptick in data volume so they could grow naturally with their customer base.
Seamless software integration
Nitro Sign Premium’s API integration capabilities provided easy implementation of Keytrade Bank’s core systems. In doing so, they now offer multiple digital signing methods to their customers including SMS/OTP, eID, password, Digipass and Softkey.
Thanks to Nitro Sign Premium our customers can sign their KeyHome mortgage contract with the electronic identity card in the most intuitive, compliant and effective way. We can digitally onboard new clients with a unique and seamless eSigning experience.
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