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Equiniti Reduces Costs By 89% By Switching to Nitro
“Commercially, Nitro is a fantastic proposition."
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Nitro PDF Pro

Nitro helps Equiniti achieve 89% savings on the annual cost of PDF tools

Provide users with a cost-effective professional PDF editing tool
Equiniti provides expert shareholder, pension and remediation services to a wide range of private and public organizations, including some of the world’s biggest brands. Around 15% of Equiniti's employees need PDF editing tools for their day-to-day work. For many years, the company’s preferred supplier was Adobe®. In 2022 Equiniti purchased a business in the US whose employees were using Nitro. What they discovered was eye-opening—Nitro PDF Pro was a solution that could deliver the functionality that Equiniti needed at much greater value. They explored the possibility of using Nitro for all regions.
Roll out Nitro PDF Pro™ to teams in the US, UK and India
After a successful trial in the US, Equiniti decided to deploy Nitro across the rest of the business, which included workers in the UK and India. Daren Spice, Lead Engineer of Directory Services at Equiniti, explains: “There was initially some internal resistance, especially from long-time Adobe users. But the substantial support we got from Nitro helped make the transition as smooth as possible.” A key concern for employees was whether the new tool would provide them with all the functionality they needed. To allay their fears, the Nitro Customer Success team ran product walkthroughs with 15 different Equiniti teams. “These training sessions made the migration so much smoother,” Daren says. “As well as providing our employees with an overview of how Nitro works, it gave them opportunities to ask questions about the product and confirm that it would enable them to do everything they needed it to do. That helped put a lot of people’s minds at rest.” Nitro is now being used across almost all Equiniti teams with only a small number of users yet to migrate. Feedback has been hugely positive and employees have discovered that Nitro PDF Pro enables them to do even more than before.

The Results

Costs reduced by up to 89%
From a commercial perspective, the switch to Nitro has been extremely beneficial for Equiniti. The company achieved cost savings of 45% in year one, which will rise to 89% in years two and three.
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94% of users successfully migrated
With comprehensive support from Nitro’s Customer Success team, Equiniti have managed to migrate 830 out of 880 users in less than a year.
The outstanding support we received from Nitro’s Customer Success team helped ensure a seamless transition to Nitro PDF Pro. Now we can provide our employees with all the PDF editing capabilities they need – at a fraction of the cost.
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Daren Spice | Lead Engineer, Directory Services
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