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City of Vincent Empowers Entire Workforce with Nitro PDF pro, Boosting Productivity by 500%
“We are a small IT team and the amount of support Nitro provided was just exceptional.”
Perth, Western Australia
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Local Government
Customer since 2021
Nitro PDF Pro

Nitro helps City of Vincent bring productivity capabilitiesto hundreds more employees

Extend PDF editing capabilities to all desktop workers
Based in metropolitan Perth, Western Australia, the City of Vincent council provides a wide range of local government services, from strategic planning to sports and recreation. The council's small IT Team are responsible for supporting all service areas, which can be a heavy administrative burden.The council was using Adobe® Acrobat® Pro for all its PDF document creation and editing activities, but the tool had its drawbacks. The high cost and complicated licensing process meant that only 50 to 70 of the council’s 300 desktop workers had access to the software. With prices set to increase dramatically, the council sought an alternative product that could provide the same functionality as Adobe, but to a larger user base. Given their limited IT resources, finding a solution that could be adopted with minimal disruption was key.
A standard, scalable PDF tool for everyone
The City of Vincent enlisted the help of Insight, a leading IT reseller and solutions integrator, to find a PDF vendor that would allow them to empower more individuals while saving money in the process. Insight then worked closely with the Nitro team to plan a detailed demo, pilot and evaluation process that was aligned with the council’s needs and goals. Previously, the City of Vincent could provide PDF editing capabilities to only 10%-20% of its desktop workers. But with Nitro’s lower price point and flexible licensing arrangements they can empower 500% more employees with the document productivity tools they need. Peter Ferguson, the City of Vincent’s Executive Manager ICT explains: “With Nitro, we can see the potential to expand coverage to 100% of users, so it becomes more of a core operating software as opposed to a specialist tool.” To ensure the switch from Adobe was seamless , Nitro provided City of Vincent with a carefully thought-out transition process and professional change management support. This included a tailored communication plan based on insights gained through pilot launch surveys.

The Results

100% license adoption
Nitro has rapidly become the go-to document productivity tool for City of Vincent employees. With 100% of licenses currently in use, many more council workers are now benefiting from features that allow them to create, combine, annotate and convert PDF documents. This includes users across key council services such as records and planning, as well as corporate services including finance, HR and IT.
Rapid and seamless transition
Peter Ferguson says: “The support Nitro provided was just exceptional. I was blown away by the acceptance we got from staff about moving to the new product. I would have expected some pushback but there was none that I can recall.”
Reduced environmental impact
Nitro PDF Pro’s Quick Sign feature has helped City of Vincent users save 10,337 sheets of paper over the last year alone.
I’m extremely satisfied and confident that we’ve made the right choice. Thanks to Nitro, we now have a common platform that gives us all the functionality we need.
Peter Ferguson, Executive Manager ICT
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