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The PDF Form: Your Ticket to an Efficient Workforce


Your employees open three things every day—email, a web browser, and a PDF.

Your employees open three things every day—email, a web browser, and a PDF. These three tools form the foundation of everything else they do all day. The better these tools function, the better your workers perform their jobs.

The PDF form is the most prevalent document format in practically every business—big and small. It is, therefore, essential that you equip your workers with a document management and eSigning solution that allows them to excel in a streamlined, efficient office environment, at a cost that fits your budget.

Document Demands of the Modern Workforce

While the availability of cutting-edge technology has steadily increased in recent years, productivity has grown by, at most, only 2 percent. We have no shortage of ways to communicate, but that has not translated into greater collaboration, which appears among less than 5 percent of employees. While there are many factors involved in these trends, outdated, paper-based processes and lack of access to the right tools are no doubt two key reasons for this delay.

There are many demands of the modern workforce that require an efficient document strategy, including:

  • The ability to work from anywhere, with anything. The modern employee is no longer confined to the four walls of an office, clocking in a 9-to-5 schedule, and working from a company-issued typewriter. Workforce tools need to evolve, which includes the ability to create and share documents across all devices, be they desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Cross-generational teams. Today’s typical office is now staffed with as many as five generations together under one roof. Comprehensive, user-friendly productivity tools are essential for employees of any age to excel and collaborate.
  • A secure solution. Cyberattacks continue to threaten document security, and the explosion of data and devices is only providing hackers with ample space to play. Any document solution needs a reliable, in-house security team protecting your files.

PDF Form: A Universal Productivity Tool

Form creation is a near-daily activity for most companies. With the right product and technology partner, it’s an easy and efficient way to accelerate workflows and increase productivity.

Here are just a handful of features that may make Nitro the right solution for your company:

  • Create a form from scratch or transform practically any document—a scanned piece of paper, Word doc, or Excel sheet—into an intelligent, easily fillable PDF form.
  • Drag-and-drop text boxes make it easy to create user-friendly form fields that your clients and colleagues can complete in seconds.
  • Previously static forms—purchase orders, expense reports, employee surveys, patient records—become smart, interactive documents, usable by anyone.
  • Add your electronic signature with QuickSign or request one from customers or business partners.

With Nitro, PDF forms are fast, easy, and applicable to a myriad of business uses. Create your own and level up your document game today.