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How to Use Nitro's Free PDF Converter

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Get started with our easy PDF converter for Word, Excel and your favorite document formats.

Whether you're a student juggling assignments, a professional managing reports or a business owner streamlining operations, converting documents has become a routine and essential task in today's digital world.

But if you’ve encountered challenges converting PDFs in the past, you’re not alone. Some tools make it notoriously difficult to upload documents, maintain consistency and work within strict usage limits.

Try Nitro's free conversion tools—reliable solutions that not only simplify the process, but also enhance the overall efficiency of your digital document workflows. Read on to get started with fast and easy document conversion.

What Are the Benefits of Nitro’s Free PDF Converters?

Before we dive into the 'how,’ here are five ways Nitro's free conversion tools can help you improve your document processes.

  • Convert without stress: Nitro effortlessly converts PDFs into editable Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other Microsoft office formats and back again, so you don't have to.
  • Maintain professional PDFs: Never sacrifice quality with automation that fixes layout inconsistencies, ensuring original fonts, images and formatting remains consistent after conversion.
  • Stay organized: Document important communications, convert emails, attachments and entire email folders to PDF and archive important files for quick reference.
  • Save time: No more waiting around for your documents to be ready, Nitro's free tools allow you to convert and download multiple files instantly.
  • Collaborate efficiently: Converting documents to widely supported formats ensures files are accessible to all team members, regardless of the software or devices they are using.

How Can I Use Nitro’s Free PDF Converter?

Let's look at how easy Nitro makes it to convert your Word document to PDF.

  1. Visit
  2. Upload your Word document.
  3. Click Download once your converted document is ready.
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To convert from other types such as Excel, PowerPoint and images, simply select your format from the dropdown and follow the above steps. And if you need to convert your PDF back to Word again, simply select this option from the list.

6 More PDF Tools That Will Transform How You Work

If PDFs are part of your world, investing in a solution that combines conversion capabilities with other powerful PDF features will transform your document processes.

Here are six features that Nitro PDF Pro customers love using.

1. Edit

Take advantage of intuitive PDF editing tools that make adding, deleting and altering text and images in your documents easy. Customize your files by adding logos, dynamic bookmarks, clickable hyperlinks, watermarks and page numbers as required.

2. Highlight & Annotate

Mark-up your PDF file, add comments to pages as sticky notes, highlight text, add stamps and include file attachments. Improve collaboration by keeping track of important notes and content that needs revision.

3. OCR

Convert scanned documents to editable and searchable PDFs with OCR support for multiple languages.

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Optical Character Recognition

4. Merge & Combine

From emails to spreadsheets, condense multiple documents into a single PDF that's simple to search, organize, share and review. Extract and convert pages into images or revert specific pages back into a standalone PDF file.

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Nitro PDF Pro: Combining Documents

5. Secure & Encrypt

Control visibility by easily finding and redacting sensitive data, manage user permissions, add secure passwords or opt for certificate security to encrypt your PDF and authorize digital IDs.

6. Fill & Sign

Turn any standard form into a dynamic interactive PDF by dragging and dropping text boxes and adding fields and drop-downs. Use the QuickSign tool to add secure eSignatures.

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Nitro PDF Pro: Signing Documents with QuickSign

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