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How to Convert PDF Files to Word, Excel and More


With Nitro PDF Pro, it's easy to convert PDFs to your favorite document formats. Learn how with our step-by-step guide.

Ever needed to urgently convert your PDF resume to a Word document to finish an important job application? You spend hours copying and pasting, changing fonts, fixing the layout and double-checking your formatting. You're not alone!

With Nitro PDF Pro you can effortlessly convert PDF's into editable Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other Microsoft office formats in just a few simple steps. With automations to help users stay consistent, you never have to worry about sacrificing quality.

Convert PDF Files in Just a Few Clicks

1. Click File and open the document you want to convert.

2. On the Convert tab, click on the relevant file format. You'll see options for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.


3. Under Files for Conversion in the pop-up, click Add Files and browse to select additional PDF files to include.

4. Highlight a PDF file from the list and then use the Move Up or Move Down options to reorder the documentsor or click Remove to remove a document from the list.

5. Click the checkbox next to Include all Open PDF Documents to quickly export the open PDFs to your chosen format.

6. To convert specific pages within a document, highlight the document then click Choose Pages. In the Pages box, enter the desired page or range of pages (separated by a dash). For example, to convert pages 3, 4, and 5 of an 8-page document, enter 3-5.

7. Under Output, select from available Folder options to specify where the exported file is stored.

8. Click Convert and watch Nitro PDF Pro open the new document.

This helpful video tutorial shows you how to convert your PDF to a Word Document.

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Nitro PDF Pro: PDF to Word

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