Face the Fax: It’s Time to Find a Productivity Solution that Works for Your Whole Team

In our 2019 Report, we surveyed 1,183 knowledge workers and found that 97% believe their organization could improve the way it handles documents. Of the workers who feel they don’t have access to the tools they need to work effectively, 75% are not at all satisfied with their jobs, suggesting that barriers to productivity have deep implications for employee morale.

Odds are, your organization is dealing with at least one of these three common problems that hold team members back from their most productive potential. The bright side? We’ve got solutions that are easy to implement and save you money.

Provide more training

As hilarious as it might be on The Office, in real life, no leader wants to force their team through unnecessary meetings and trainings. But by skipping out on training, you may be creating even more frustrations for your workers.

It’s easy to assume that your employees are comfortable with the digital tools at their disposal, that they’re already using them effectively and don’t need or want additional guidance.

The reality? Forty-two percent of knowledge workers report wanting more training on the tools and technology they already use in their job. In other words, management teams are missing a huge opportunity to improve productivity and increase ROI on their digital productivity tools.

The solution? Send out a questionnaire or simply feel out your team to see if they fall into the 42% of workers who want more training in their digital tools. At Nitro, we’ve found that effective training is essential to driving user adoption. No matter what digital tool you’re focused on, our four simple keys to successful change management can help you navigate user training and foster organization-wide adoption.

Standardize applications to eliminate app overload

Knowledge workers report using an average of 9.39 different apps at work, and 43% believe they have to use too many apps just to do basic work. Document work in particular suffers from app overload.

Employees are often forced to download and edit documents in one software and sign them in another, or—even worse— they must print, ink sign, scan, and email.

The solution? When it comes to productivity apps, more isn’t always better. Our survey respondents suggested that leveraging all-in-one tools would help streamline workflows, so opt for digital tools that offer multiple solutions in one. The more you can integrate and standardize their workflows, the better.

Automate wherever you can

The vast majority of knowledge workers still deal with paper, with 70% still printing and 48% signing and approving on paper. Unsurprisingly, 41% of respondents would implement more automated processes and workflows if they could.

Clearly, employees are ready for better, more efficient ways to work with documents, but it’s on employers to provide the tools.

The solution: An investment in an affordable document suite can help give employees the automated workflows they need to maximize their productivity, helping your organization save time, paper, and dollars. Automating document work is a critical step toward streamlining workflows, eliminating paper, and realizing the cost-saving benefits of digital transformation.

We know that when your team is equipped with the right tools and the knowledge to use them well, amazing things can happen for your organization’s productivity, budget, and morale. We’d love to help you get there. Get a Demo.