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Nitro PDF Pro MacOS

Editing and Cropping Images

Editing Images

Edit images original to the PDF or added by you.

Once an image has been selected in a document, you will notice new items available in the Editing bar which pertain just to image editing. Use the action button 
action button
 in the Editing bar to access many of the options below. If you don't notice new tools in the Editing bar, you may have selected a link over the image instead of the image itself.

  1. Select the Edit tool
  2. Click on an image to select it. If you cannot select the object, try to select it with the Precision Edit tool, though not all the following options will be available.
  3. Once an image is selected, you have several options:

    • Delete the image by choosing Edit > Delete from the menu.
    • Copy the image by choosing Edit > Copy from the menu. The image can now be pasted to another page or another PDF.
    • Move (using the Edit tool
      ) the image by dragging it to another location. Using the Snap to Guides option in the Arrange menu will help position the image. (Arranging Images and Objects).
    • Move (using the Precision Edit tool
      ) the image and the image stays on the same layer in the PDF. This means, if the image was on a layer behind the text, the image will remain behind the text as you move it. Moving with the Precision Edit tool will also keep the file size from increasing, unlike with the Edit tool.
    • Resize the selected image by dragging the selection handles. Hold down Shift while you do to keep the image proportional. You can also choose Edit > Expand Image to Fit Page; the image will be enlarged to its maximum size that fits on the page.
    • Crop the selected image. (Cropping Images).
    • Make Transparent Image. (Signing Documents).
    • Increase the size of the image to fit the edges of the page by choosing Edit > Expand Image to fit Page.
    • Adjust the color (contrast, saturation, etc.) of the image as well as apply effects by choosing Edit > Adjust… (Adjust Image).
    • Resample to change the resolution and color depth of an image or document by choosing Edit > Resample… (Resample Image).
    • Deskew or make fine adjustments to the tilt and exposure of an image by choosing Edit > Deskew and Adjust… (Deskew Image).

Note: In order to make an image transparent that is part of the original PDF, you must first move or resize it.

Cropping Images

  1. Select an image and choose Edit > Crop Image… or click the Crop icon in the image editing portion of the Editing bar.
  2. The crop area starts at the edges of the image. Find and drag the corner or side handles of the crop area to resize and reshape.
  3. Click on and drag your crop area around your image to move it into position. The crop area displays the dimensions on each side. The measurement units displayed can be adjusted in Preferences > Editing.
  4. At this point you can select from three options provided at the bottom of the page:
    • Cancel: Abort your edits.
    • Crop and Scale to Fit: The cropped image will have the proportional height and width of the original image.
    • Crop: The image will crop to the area specified.
  5. Click on one of the options to make a selection.
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