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Arranging Images and Objects

Use the options in the Arrange menu to manage images and objects that overlap. Select the item that you want to manipulate and choose:

Move Forward

Move to Front

Move Backward

Move to Back
These four choices let change the order in which items are stacked, e.g. the frontmost item will be visible on top of the others.

Locks the selected item so that it can't be moved or edited. Not all objects remain locked after saving. Text objects remain locked after saving. Images are locked depending on the setting in General Preferences.

Unlock All
Unlocks all items that have been locked.

Snap to Guides
Easily align objects by snapping them into place with visible guidelines. Text boxes will snap to the baseline of existing text. Other objects show guides at the center and edges. Turn on the snap option with Arrange > Snap to Guides. Hold down the Command key to quickly toggle snap on or off. Select settings in Preferences.

Snap to Grid
Snaps items to a grid when placed on the page. The grid increments can be specified in Preferences.

Show Grid
Toggles the visibility of the grid on and off.

Show Ruler
Makes visible a ruler along the top of the Page area. Used as a rough size guide, this setting is not in the Arrange menu, but in Format > Text > Show Ruler (Command+Control+R).

Measurement tool

Measure distances between objects using Measurements

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