Our compliance program is established to meet our customers’ organizational compliance needs, including performing independent third-party audits and obtaining certifications for our products such as Soc 2, HIPAA, QTSP, ISO 27001, and more.

Our compliance certifications

Nitro has earned the following internationally recognized certifications.
ISO 27001
ISO 27001 is an international standard for the assurance, confidentiality and integrity of data and information, as well as the systems that process it.
SOC 2 (Systems and Organization Controls) is a regularly refreshed report that focuses on security, availability and confidentiality of a cloud service.
HIPPA Compliant
HIPAA ensures companies that deal with protected health information (PHI) must have physical, network, and process security measures in place and follow the requirements.
Nitro Software Belgium is certified as a Qualified Trust Service Provider by LSTI. What does this mean for Nitro?
Data Privacy Framework
Nitro has been certified under the Data Privacy Framework, including the UK and Swiss extension.

Our compliance by solution

Nitro products, services and infrastructure are designed with cutting-edge security controls and multiple layers of defense. Our information security program provides awareness and training to remain vigilant as threats evolve.
Corporate social responsibility
Nitro aims to encourage, inspire and enable our people to create a sustainable future—inside and outside the workplace—while also contributing positively to society. We are cognizant of the impact we, as a company and individuals, have on society. A passion for giving back is a core value of Nitro and our people.