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File Collaboration: How to Share Editable Files

Real-time, cloud-based file collaboration is faster, more secure, and more user-friendly.

Email attachments have their place, but not when you need editable, format-agnostic documents that you and your coworkers can track and markup together. If your team is still trying to collaborate on documents via email attachments, you’re giving yourself more work for weaker results. Cloud-based file collaboration is faster, more secure, and more user-friendly than sharing documents via email.

Here’s how you can use Nitro to share files and give your team the edge it needs for effective collaboration.

When You Need Others to Annotate and Markup a Document:

Need your team to work together on a document? A cloud-based file is the easiest way.

  • Upload or open your PDF file in Nitro Sign®
  • From the navigation bar, click “Share Document”
  • Enter the email addresses of the people you want to have access to the file and select the permission level “Can view and comment”

Your collaborators will get an email with the secure link and have access to the document in the cloud. From here, they’ll be able to use in-browser PDF Quick Tools for markup, annotation, and commenting.It’s as simple as that. Everyone always has the latest version of the document, with all comments in one place to prevent duplicate work.

When You Need To Get a Document Signed:

Get forms and documents signed faster. Simply fill out the form online for quick turnaround, or apply or request an electronic signature with just a few simple clicks.

  • Upload or open your PDF file in  Nitro Sign
  • From the navigation bar, click “Request Signature”
  • Enter the names/ email addresses of everyone who needs to sign
  • If you need more than one signature, click the ‘set the signing order’ checkbox

This allows you to assign the order in which people will receive the document to sign.

  • Drag and drop the relevant fields into the right place on the document

Fields include signature, date, name, initials, title, etc. For signature fields, you’ll be given the option to include a timestamp for added security.

  • Create a custom subject line and/or note, or use the provided template for your email message.
  • Finally, click ‘request signature’.

Your signers will get an email invitation to sign the document, and you’ll be notified via email when each person views and signs. Note that they’ll be able to sign even if they don’t have a Nitro Sign account. Instead of having to print a document only to fill it out, sign, scan, and return it, sharing via Nitro Sign saves time, paper, and printing costs by allowing you to digitally sign and return your most common documents .

How To Share a Document Without Editing Access:

For sharing a file only _you _can edit, use the “Share” button.

  • Upload or open your PDF file in Nitro Sign
  • From the navigation bar, click “Share Document”
  • Enter email addresses for recipients and select the permission level “Can view only”

Recipients will be able to view the latest version of the document. They’ll be able to see your edits and changes but won’t be able to edit the document themselves.

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There you have it – how to securely share editable files and get more work done faster. Get started with a Nitro Pro™ trial or a Nitro Sign trial today!

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