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Release Notes

Nitro regularly releases updated products with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Latest version: 14.0.2

Release date: May 11, 2023

Fixes & Improvements

Improved general performance

  • Improves the app launch process for users with an NLS account
  • Updates 30-day messaging for users with a valid NLS entitlement
  • Ensures documents open consistently in the next launch session
  • Improves sidebar so all views work smoothly
  • Minor improvements to digital signature dialog
  • Minor improvements to enhance digitally signed document security
    • Release date: March 20, 2023

      General Enhancements

      Documents open and scroll faster on machines with limited memory

      This update improves the experience for a subset of customers who are using the application on machines with limited memory.

      Fixes & Improvements

      Improved general performance

      • Improved security for digitally signed forms: prevents resetting digitally signed documents to maintain document integrity and authenticity.
      • Go-to-page navigation improvements: navigating a document via the Go-to-page feature is more fluid.
      • OCR improvements: makes OCR more stable so scanning and functions related to the OCR process will work as expected.
      • Table of Contents improvements: setting a “destination” when creating a PDF Table of Contents is much smoother.
    • Release date: November 8, 2022

      General Enhancements

      Converts product activation from serial numbers to Nitro Account login

      Users will now log in with their Nitro Account to access premium Nitro PDF Pro features. Serial key activation is no longer supported.

      macOS compatibility updates

      Nitro PDF Pro for macOS is compatible with macOS 13 Ventura

      Fixes & Improvements

      Document icon updates

      Nitro branded PDF icon has been added so that when a document is saved in PDF Pro, users can distinguish PDF documents edited with Nitro PDF Pro software from PDFs edited with other applications

    • Release date: June 22, 2022

      General Enhancements

      Adds Highlighting Improvements

      Improves the user experience by enabling users to add clear highlights to PDF text. Improvements to the Highlight tool lessens risk of bleeding or overlapping colors.

      Enhances Visibility of OCR Commands

      Full OCR Pages/Documents options are now available under the Edit menu for convenient access. Whether you need to OCR one scanned page in an otherwise electronically generated PDF document, or correct the OCR layer on an entire document, you no longer need to force OCR by holding down the Option or Command keys.

      Supports macOS Monterey Shortcuts

      Available for macOS Monterey customers. Users can conveniently open PDFs in Nitro PDF Pro via Shortcuts to start or finish editing.

      Updates About Window (Business/Enterprise versions)

      Streamlines the About window with a new, fresh Nitro icon.

      Updates Welcome Window (Business/Enterprise versions)

      Updates to the launch experience provides convenient access to a new document, a recent file, a scanned document and more upon launch. Easily access documents quickly. If you do not want this window to appear every time you launch Nitro PDF Pro, uncheck the box to “Show this window when Nitro PDF Pro starts” on the lower left hand corner.

    • Release date: March 15, 2022

      Features & Enhancements

      Ability to remove Nitro Sign access

      Enterprise IT admins will have the ability to run a special script to both disable Nitro Sign and activate their licenses at deployment using Jamf. Nitro will provide this special script at the request of the specific customer.

      Ability to opt-out of Nitro Analytics

      Enterprise IT admins will have the ability to run a special script to both opt-out of Nitro Analytics and activate their licenses at deployment using Jamf. Nitro will provide this special script at the request of the specific customer.

    • Release date: December 14, 2021

      Fixes & Improvements

      Supports macOS Monterey Quick Notes

      Using “Quick Notes” on macOS Monterey, users can add links from PDF documents edited with Nitro PDF Pro for Mac, providing more context to content. When returning to the document and link location in Nitro PDF Pro, a thumbnail of the Quick Note will appear in the corner, as a reminder.

      Updates Nitro Sign endpoints

      Revises the Nitro Sign connection to ensure smooth workflows in the future.

      Improves the enterprise licensing registration process

      Enterprise users can smoothly deploy the app through an MDM such as JAMF and licenses are activated upon first launch of an app. Additionally, multiple users (in a lab or classroom, for example) using the same computer with different logins should be able to access the licensed app without issue.

    • Release date: November 9, 2021

      General Enhancements

      Added Nitro Sign Support

      Support for Nitro Sign has been added with Nitro PDF Pro for Mac. Convenient login and upload access to Nitro Sign from within the application allows users to send documents for electronic signature faster. Enhances client communication and paperless workflows. Choose File > Send for Signature to get started.

      Added Nitro Analytics Support

      This release includes the addition of Nitro Analytics. Nitro Analytics support enables large teams to gather insights into their document workflows. Data-based insights help optimize processes, communicate ROI, and empower businesses to get to the finish line faster. It also helps identify and minimize wasteful printing.

      Updates to Nitro Branding

      This release includes minor updates to the Welcome screen acquaints users to Nitro Applications and the Nitro Productivity Platform. Choose Help > License Agreement to familiarize with terms of use.

      Updates for macOS Compatibility

      Version 13.2 adds revisions for optimal compatibility with the latest operating system, ensuring seamless continuity of operations.


      Nitro Sign Signature Validation

      Nitro PDF Pro for Mac improves validation of documents digitally signed by Nitro Sign. This enhancement adds additional security by restricting alterations of documents signed via Nitro Sign.

      Updated Registration Window Information

      Information provided in the registration window has been simplified for clarity. Choose Nitro PDF Pro > View Registration to obtain serial information and to find additional resources.