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If you're operating a marketing or advertising business, you know the importance of having companies found in online search results. Sometimes, the best way to do that is through pay-per-click and other paid search options. When you provide that type of service to companies, you want to use a paid search contract template to make sure you're covering all the details.

By choosing a quality paid search contract template, you and your clients will feel comfortable that everything's being addressed. You'll be properly protecting your business, and your clients will have confidence that you can deliver what you're promising them. Understanding what goes into that contract is the first step. Here's what to think about.

A good paid search contract template lowers the risk of legal problems, and also helps ensure that clients understand what they can expect from you. That can give you both peace of mind. In this article, we'll cover:

  • Important Clauses
  • Best Practices
  • Tips for a Secure Contract
  • Key Considerations
  • More Resources

Important Clauses in a Paid Search Contract

When you choose a paid search contract template, there will be a lot of information already included in it. Most of that involves the legalities, and some of it also provides the basics of the agreement. Then, you fill in the details and specifics, to ensure you're spelling out the right information for your client. Some of the main clauses should include:

1. Search Strategy -- You need to use a strategy that works, but also one that your client is comfortable with and agrees to.

2. Delivery Dates -- When should the campaign be ready? When should you see results? Answers to those questions are important for the contract.

3. Services Provided -- Exactly what kinds of paid search services you're providing matter. There are many services, so be sure you're clear.

4. Keyword Selection -- The keywords you use matter, but so does the selection service used to choose those keywords, and the basis for how the keywords will be chosen.

5. Budgeting and Reporting -- The budget needs to be clearly understood, and so does the value of the campaign. Reporting at regular intervals should be required.

6. Campaign Monitoring -- Monitoring the campaign can help you and the client see how it's going, so you can determine if any changes should be made.

These clauses can give you the majority of the information you need in your paid search contract template, so you can add any particulars for your client, and get the contract ready to be signed.

Best Practices for a Paid Search Contract

A paid search contract template gives you all the necessary legal language needed, to be sure the working relationship is being adequately addressed and covered. That way, both your company and your clients will feel secure. A few of the best practices you'll want to consider include:

  • Make sure you don't change any terms agreed to by your client.
  • Fully complete the contract details before requesting a signature.
  • Highlight changes if you do make any, so your clients is aware of them.
  • Spell out anything the client may not understand, so there isn't any confusion later.

The client should already be pretty clear on what your paid search contract will say. After all, you've already talked to them about what's needed, and what their goals are. But the contract should still be handled carefully. It's important to give your clients value, and also to be sure your company is protected.

Tips for a Secure Paid Search Contract

To be sure your paid search contract has proper security everyone can agree on, you want to focus on how it's sent, and how it's signed. The safest way to handle that is electronically. It's easy to use Nitro Sign to get your paid search contracts and other important documents signed. It's quick and convenient, too.

Key Considerations for a Paid Search Contract

There are plenty of key considerations with any type of paid search contract, and they include:

  • Be clear about all the specifics.
  • Be timely on the delivery of the work.
  • Include legal protection for your company.
  • Provide good signing security for your clients and yourself.

With the right paid search contract template, your company will protect itself and also provide good quality search marketing help to all your clients.

Resources for More Information

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