What to Consider in Your Life Coaching Contracts

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If you're working as a life coach, or you're planning on starting up a business to help others get their lives on track, you'll want to consider a life coaching contract template. That way, you can have a uniform contract for all your clients, and make sure your business stays professional and legally protected. Here are a few of the areas you'll want to be thinking about.

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With a quality life coaching contract template, you can fill in the details and feel good about the information you're giving to clients. Not only does that help them see you in a more professional light, but it can also increase your peace of mind. In this article, we'll be talking about:

  • Important Life Coaching Contract Clauses
  • Best Practices for Life Coaching Contracts
  • Tips for a Secure Coaching Contract
  • Key Considerations for Life Coaching Contracts
  • Additional Sources

Important Clauses in Your Life Coaching Contract

A life coaching contract template may be a little unique, because coaching is a different kind of service than many others that are provided. While there are specifics that you'll be offering to your clients, coaching is also a more abstract concept in some ways. Your life coaching contract template should include clauses that focus on:

  1. The Coach-Client Relationship -- Understanding the nature of the business relationship between the client and the coach is important, and should be spelled out carefully.
  2. The Specific Services Provided -- Life coaches only provide certain services, and they aren't therapists. Clients need to have a clear description of services.
  3. The Schedule and Fees -- Getting paid for your work matters, and you also need to set a schedule that both you and the client agree to, for both coaching and payments.
  4. Confidentiality -- Your clients need to feel confident that you will keep their information confidential, and that you aren't sharing it with others without their consent.
  5. Cancellation and Records Retention -- What clients need to do to cancel, and whether you keep records on them afterward, both need to be clear in your life coaching contract.

With the proper clauses in your life coaching contract, you can feel secure in the services you're offering, and so can your clients. You also need to protect yourself from legal liability, if your clients make a decision that they believe is based on advice you gave them. This is one of the most important areas of detail for a life coaching contract template.

Best Practices for Your Life Coaching Contract

By selecting a good life coaching contract template, you and your clients will both enjoy security and peace of mind. You'll be seen as professional, and you'll also be protecting your business from any legal harm that could come from coaching others. Be sure that your life coaching contract addresses:

  • The exact services you provide, and the nature of your relationship with the client.
  • The expectations you have for the client, and that you will not be held responsible for decisions they make about their life.
  • The details of getting paid, and the schedule on which you'll see or work with your client.

Working as a life coach can be very rewarding, but you also have to be careful of liability risk. When clients make bad decisions, you have to be sure that you're not at risk of being legally blamed for those choices. Your life coaching contract template should be one that includes legal language to raise your level of protection and reduce your risk.

Provide a Secure Life Coaching Contract

It's very important to consider the value of security for your life coaching contract. Among the best ways to do that is through electronic delivery and signing. To help with that, you canuse Nitro Sign for your life coaching contracts and other important documents. It offers more peace of mind.

Key Considerations for a Bartending Contract

Your life coaching contract template helps you take good care of your clients and your business. To handle both of those areas in the best way possible, be sure you're considering:

  • The details of your clients' expectations.
  • Liability waivers to keep your business safe.
  • Any unique concerns or issues your client wants specifically addressed. 

With a life coaching contract template, you can give more value to your clients while protecting yourself, as well.

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