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There are a lot of ways to make a good living, and one that lets you enjoy the fresh air at the same time is working in lawn care. But your business is probably a lot more than just mowing a few lawns here and there. Because of that, you'll want to consider a lawn maintenance contract template. Not only does that help your business look professional, but it gives clients peace of mind. Here's what to consider.

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When you use a good quality lawn maintenance contract template, you help your business and your clients at the same time. It takes skill and effort to make a lawn look great, so you want to make sure clients understand your value. But you also need to show them they're getting what they're paying for. Here in this article, we'll be talking about:

  • Important Lawn Maintenance Contract Clauses
  • Best Practices for Contracts for Lawn Companies
  • Tips for a Secure Lawn Maintenance Contract
  • Key Considerations for These Contracts
  • Related Sources to Get More Information

Important Clauses in a Lawn Maintenance Contract

A lawn maintenance contract template helps to separate your business from the side-job people who also cut lawns and do other outdoor maintenance activities. There's nothing at all wrong with cutting lawns as a side gig, but if you're doing lawn maintenance as your primary business, you want to set yourself apart. A lawn maintenance contract template is a good way to do that, with clauses that handle:

  1. Scope of Work -- Lawn maintenance is a very broad category, so it's important to spell out the exact work you'll be doing for each client. A template to work from makes that easier.
  2. Specific Terms -- Some clients may need services on a specific day, or between certain hours only. If there are details like this that apply to your clients, you need space to clearly state those terms.
  3. Applicable Laws -- The laws or jurisdiction that govern your agreement with the client should be noted, in case you ever have a dispute or legal issue with a client.

The right types of clauses in your lawn maintenance contract show your clients that you're serious. But these clauses also keep you legally protected, so you can continue to work at the business you enjoy, for the long term, with peace of mind.

Best Practices for a Lawn Maintenance Contract

By finding and using a quality lawn maintenance contract template, both you and your clients can benefit. You may be able to ask for better rates, and may also be in demand for more jobs. In order to be seen as the professional you are, make sure that your contract addresses:

  • The specific services you'll be providing to your client.
  • Any expectations you have for client responsibilities, such as moving vehicles or lawn decorations on their scheduled lawn care day.
  • The details of when and how you'll be paid for your services.

Having a lawn maintenance contract template offers protection for you, in case a client insists that they are owed additional services, or that you quoted rates that are less than what you are asking for. With a contract, there's legal proof in writing, so you can protect your interests and keep your business growing for the future.

Provide a Lawn Maintenance Contract With Security

Among all the little details of your lawn maintenance contract should be making sure it's provided, signed, and returned to you securely. You can do that in person, of course, but to have a good record of it, it's safer to handle the transaction electronically. You can do that easily and efficiently, when youuse Nitro Sign for your lawn maintenance contracts and important documents. You'll have an electronic record of the signed contract and a safe way to store it, for legal protection.

Key Considerations for any Lawn Maintenance Contract

Your lawn maintenance contract template is a very important part of making sure clients are getting what they expect from you, and you're meeting the obligations you agreed to. In order to do that more effectively, make sure you think about:

  • The details of what your clients expect.
  • Liability waivers to protect your business.
  • Any unique requirements clients have.

With a lawn maintenance contract template, you can keep building up your business.

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