Cleaning Services Contracts For Clients: What to Know About Using a Template

Looking for a cleaning services contract template to use for your business? We’ve got a template ready to be customized for your needs today.

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Cleaning services play a crucial role in modern society: they minimize stress while keeping essential spaces from falling into disarray. It's easy to see why so many people are so eager to make the most of cleaning contractors.

As the demand for such services grows, so does the need for targeted contracts designed to keep both providers and their clients safe. These documents outline the obligations of all those involved — and their options in the event of a dispute.

Typically, both cleaning service providers and their clients are well aware of the need for detailed contracts — but many struggle to discern what, exactly, these documents should include or how they should be completed.

To help, we've developed a detailed guide that explains why cleaning service contract templates are useful and what they typically include. We also highlight mistakes that can compromise these contracts and the working relationships of those who sign them.

Essential Clauses That Every Cleaning Services Contract Template Should Contain

At minimum, every cleaning services agreement should outline the scope of the job, the options for payment, and the procedures called on to resolve disputes. How these essentials are handled may differ from one agreement to the next.

Below, we've highlighted a few essentials that you can expect to find in a cleaning services contract template, plus suggestions for adapting these sections when necessary.

  • A thorough description of the job or services. This clause should describe all the tasks that the cleaning service contractor agrees to carry out. Services referenced in this list could be as simple as emptying trash cans or washing the windows. Often, however, descriptions go into detail so as to limit the potential for confusion.
  • Payment terms. The contract should provide details about when and how the cleaning business should be compensated for completed or ongoing services. In many cases, this involves weekly or monthly installments at a rate found acceptable by both parties. This clause may also explain the financial repercussions of not making payments on time.
  • Options for hiring personnel. Most cleaning services either hire employees, seek independent contractors, or work with subcontractors to get key tasks completed. Should such arrangements prove necessary, the services contract should reference the need for the provider to abide by all local worker's compensation laws, as well as any other relevant ordinances.
  • Legal remedies. Much of the protection of a services contract derives from the stipulations regarding what, exactly, happens when the contract is breached. To this end, the document should include a section about what constitutes default, as well as details on legal remedies available to both parties. Add a clause about arbitration as an option for resolving disputes — and how this process might proceed.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Cleaning Services Contract Template

Cleaning services contract templates may provide valuable guidance, but they should not be relied on exclusively to produce an ironclad agreement. Rather, they are tools to be used carefully. Attention to detail is critical, so be sure to avoid these mistakes:

  • Using general descriptions or language. When in doubt, use specific terms that reference exactly how and where cleaning services are to be performed. Will any rooms or equipment be left out? Are certain supplies or equipment requested for specific services? The more details the contract includes, the better.
  • Neglecting scheduling concerns. Near the beginning of the contract, identify the date on which it will become effective. This may be accompanied by a date of termination. Be sure to also include a clause that references the ability of the cleaning provider to develop a schedule, as well as the need for discretion regarding the client's own schedule. Get specific about when cleaning providers can or cannot be on premises. Mention whether certain spaces within the building should be avoided at specific times.

Signing a Cleaning Services Contract

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