What to Know When Using Computer Repair Contract Templates for Your Business

Looking for a computer repair contract template to use for your business? We’ve got a template ready to be customized for your needs today.

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PDF Template - computer service contract template

The right to repair is a major concern right now, especially as it relates to technological devices. Computer repair companies make a difference by addressing both big and small problems capable of damaging system performance. They require protection, however, as discrepancies between the repair provider and the client can otherwise lead to disputes or even legal action.

In this guide, we'll explain which clauses are essential in a computer repair contract template — and how you can make the most of this resource.

Key Clauses to Include in a Computer Repair Contract

Each computer repair contract is a bit different, but a template can offer guidance to enure that all essentials are covered. At minimum, plan to include the following:

  • Scope of services. Which services, precisely, will the computer repair company provide? These should be thoroughly explained. Without a full list of clearly-defined services, clients may expect computer repair companies to handle additional concerns beyond the scope of their typical work. While preferred services can be referenced directly in the contract, many providers prefer to list them separately in an attached document known as an exhibit.
  • Payment terms. Provide rates for all services outlined in the previous section. How this information is presented will vary based on the company's pay structure. In many cases, this is as simple as explaining the standard hourly rate for computer repair services. In some situations, this section may also include an addendum referencing how services not listed previously on the document will be handled. Often, this simply means assessing a separate hourly fee for agreed-upon activities outside the typical scope of services. 
  • Reimbursement for service-related expenses. In addition to an hourly rate, compensation may take expenses incurred while providing repair services into account. These costs should be explained in the contract, along with procedures for invoicing and billing.
  • Details about work performance. Prior to signing computer repair contracts, clients may express concerns about how their devices or networks will function once desired services have been completed. To address these issues, the computer repair contract template should include a section dedicated to work performance assurances. This section should explain that repairs will be conducted to maintain "good operating conditions" according to the specifications of the device in question. Some repair providers choose to outline specifically how much uptime clients can expect following repair services. 

Best Practices for Using a Computer Repair Contract Template

A computer repair contract template is an indispensable resource as you enter into agreements with new clients. This document provides much-needed guidance by outlining the specific sections you should include in your contract — and where customization is advisable. While this tool removes much of the guesswork, however, you'll still want to keep these best practices in mind:

  • Explain the role of independent contracting in the relationship. All language in the contract must make it abundantly clear that the relationship between the computer repair provider and the client does not resemble that of an employer and employee. While a separate clause can be included to explain this relationship, care should be taken throughout the document to avoid any suggestion of "traditional" employment. This means consistently using terms such as "service support systems" or "client" throughout the agreement.
  • Double-check the document before getting it signed. No matter how thorough the computer repair contract template appears, it's important to read every detail before taking the final step and signing it. Take a close look at the fine print to determine whether the document accurately conveys the scope of services and payment terms. 

Final Steps: Signing the Computer Repair Contract

Following close inspection of the entire contract, the final step involves getting it signed. This process requires just as much attention to detail as developing and customizing the agreement.

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