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Review en commentaar
April 29, 2021 08:49 PM
The Whiteout tool enables you to securely delete selections of text, images, annotations, and even form fields from a PDF page. Perfect for when last minute mistakes are found in a document, or when content cannot be divulged to a specific recipient.
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Text boxes and call outs
April 28, 2021 03:13 AM
Text boxes allow you to position important text clearly on the page. text boxes are always visible. Unlike sticky notes, they cannot be opened or closed.
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Summarize comments
April 28, 2021 02:19 AM
Nitro Pro enables you to quickly summarize all of the comments contained in your PDF documents. Summarizing comments allows you to view all of the comments alongside the contents of the document. When comments are summarized, each comment is displayed as a callout alongside the original PDF page, allowing you to quickly view the contents of each comment side-by-side with the original document. Each callout is also assigned an ID, and an accompanying summary table lists each comment by ID, along with the contents and other details of the comment. This makes it very convenient to view all of the comments at once, as well as flip back and forth between pages of the document to view comments individually.
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Sort comments in a PDF
April 26, 2021 05:40 PM
The Comments pane allows you to keep track of comments that have been added to PDF documents. The pane displays a list containing each comment, along with its type, reviewer name, time stamp, any text feedback, as well as any replies.
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Review en commentaar in een PDF
April 26, 2021 06:06 AM
Met de tekstmarkeringshulpmiddelen van Nitro Pro kunt u met een PDF-bestand werken alsof het op papier is afgedrukt, en u kunt een wijziging ongedaan maken en opnieuw uitvoeren als u een fout wilt corrigeren.
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Reply to comment
April 26, 2021 02:43 AM
Nitro Pro makes it easy for you to reply to individual comments made by other reviewers. Each reply is linked with the original comment, allowing you to review multiple replies in the Comments Pane. This can streamline electronic document review cycles by organizing multiple replies so that they appear in a thread, and save you from having to sort through them one-by-one.
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April 21, 2021 07:16 AM
The Measure tool enables you to easily define the distance, area, and perimeter for a set of points based on a scale that you define.
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Markup a PDF with drawing tools
April 21, 2021 07:09 AM
The drawing tools in Nitro Pro allow you to add predefined shapes (for example, lines, rectangles, or ovals) as well as free-form drawings to your PDF documents. These drawing tools include a corresponding pop-up note, enabling you to provide additional comments or further explanation for each drawing. You can also change the appearance of your drawings, with options for color, opacity, pointer styles, and more, depending on the type of drawing you use.
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Manage and view comments in a PDF
April 21, 2021 07:03 AM
Nitro Pro lets you view all comments in your PDF file from a single location. The Comments pane lists all of the comments in your file, along with information relating to each comment.
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Hide or show all comments
April 19, 2021 06:51 AM
To view a PDF document without comments displayed on the page, you can hide all comments at once, rather than closing or deleting each comment manually. The same control lets you show all comments.
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Vergelijk PDF-bestanden
April 12, 2021 12:52 AM
Reporting all the modifications made to a document is a difficult task if changes weren’t tracked during the editing process. Comparing the new document with its original version is the easiest way to pinpoint every single change that was made. To compare two versions of the same document, convert them to PDF in Nitro Pro and use the Compare tool to identify any differences in text, images, and even annotations.
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Combine comments from multiple files
April 12, 2021 12:45 AM
When you receive feedback from multiple participants, each in a different copy of the original PDF file, you may find it helpful to merge these comments into a single PDF file for easier review.
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Bestanden bijvoegen als annotaties in een PDF
April 08, 2021 09:43 PM
Net als het toevoegen van een papieren bestand aan een ander met een paperclip, kunt u met de tool Attach File annotatie elektronische bestanden toevoegen aan uw PDF-bestanden. Annotatiebijlagen verschijnen als een paperclippictogram op de PDF-pagina; reviewers kunnen dubbelklikken op het pictogram om het bestand te openen. U kunt annotatiebijlagen bekijken in het deelvenster Opmerkingen en het deelvenster Bijlagen.
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Annoteer PDF met hulpmiddelen voor tekstopmaak
April 08, 2021 09:29 PM
Nitro Pro beschikt over markeringshulpmiddelen om u te helpen de aandacht te vestigen op tekst die moet worden herzien. Deze tools zijn een handige manier om feedback of opmerkingen te combineren met elke mark-up.
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Add or edit notes in a PDF
April 08, 2021 04:27 PM
Just as you would with a paper document, you can place notes and write annotations anywhere in a PDF file. Notes let you direct the attention of readers to a specific area of the page, and to include special instructions for a person reviewing the document.
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Add a Stamp in a PDF file
April 07, 2021 09:08 PM
Stamp annotations let you add editable stamps to pages as annotations. The built-in stamps (such as Paid, Reviewed, and Approved) give you a simple means to indicate the status of a file. Using the custom stamp feature, you can type your own text to create a stamp, or use any image or PDF file into your own stamp.

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