Richard Wenzel

Niet-uitvoerend directeur

Richard co-founded Nitro in 2005 and has been a Director since. He also sits on the boards of Nitro’s US and EMEA entities. Richard is a pragmatic entrepreneur who founded his first company (ARTS PDF) in 1998 after a career in investment banking. ARTS PDF was a leading developer of PDF plugins and an instrumental grounding in the path to founding Nitro. Richard has 21 years of experience in document productivity and till his resignation from Executive capacity effective 31 March 2020 served as the Senior Vice President of Tax and Treasury and was responsible for key treasury functions and tax compliance. He also served as the primary internal legal advisor.

Toekomst van werk

Het Nitro-productiviteitsrapport 2022

Ontdek hoe de pandemie de productiviteit, workflows en digitale initiatieven heeft veranderd, evenals de trends en technologieën die het werk in 2022 en daarbuiten vormgeven.