Things to Consider When Using a Marketing Contract Template

Looking for a marketing contract template to use for your business? We’ve got a template ready to be customized for your needs today.

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PDF Template - marketing contract template

Marketing contracts are a must-have item when you are working with someone to promote your company. You can use multiple contractors to handle different aspects of your marketing campaigns, or you can hire a single firm to handle all your efforts.

Here is What We Will Cover

  • The Basics of Marketing Contracts
  • Helpful Items to Consider
  • Structuring Your Marketing Plan
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The Basics of Marketing Contracts

All contracts are designed to ensure there is an understanding between two parties. When planning your marketing efforts for your company, you may need only one person to handle your plan, or you may require multiple parties to properly execute your plan to attain your goals. The following are the basic items which should be covered in your marketing contract:

  • Name of involved parties
  • Contact information for involved parties
  • Relationship of the parties (independent contractor typically)
  • Agreed upon services
  • Total cost of project
  • Payment plans/methods
  • Agreement pertaining to expenses incurred by provider
  • Term and termination of agreement
  • Confidentiality and intellectual property
  • Ownership rights of materials from Client and designed by Provider
  • Severability of agreement
  • Governing law (state in which contract is to be enforceable)
  • Assigning rights under agreement
  • Dispute resolution clauses
  • Liability waivers
  • Address for mailing notices to each involved party

There may be other information you wish to include in your contract which are agreed to by both you and the contractor. Always make certain any agreements are in writing; most oral agreements cannot be enforced.

Helpful Items to Consider

When customizing your marketing contract template, you want to make sure you are bringing clarity to your responsibilities as well as the responsibilities of the person or company you are hiring. Using exhibits or addendums to the standard marketing contract template can be helpful in defining:

  • Scope of project — defining the number of pieces you are paying for under the terms of the contract.
  • Specifics of costs — each part of your marketing plan will have a cost breakdown and it is always a good idea to know what each aspect of the plan costs. This should be incorporated into the final pages of your contract.
  • Deliverable schedule — while the overall contract may last for a specific period of time, each item you have hired someone to do may have set dates for delivery. These dates should be included in your final contract.

By including these specifics in your marketing contract template, there is less likely to be a breakdown in communication between yourself and the party (or parties) you hire to handle your marketing. Make sure when you add onto the standard marketing template you have the additional pages initialed by both yourself and the other parties involved.

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Obtaining Signatures

When someone lives in a city which is rich in business resources, chances are they have more opportunity to meet potential providers face to face. The fact is, there are more freelance marketers spread all across the country and many business owners turn to these remote workers for the most cost-effective marketing plans.

If you are concerned about getting signatures for your marketing contract template, you can rest assured when you use Nitro Sign, your document is secure, and both you and your contractor will have immediate access to a fully executed copy. Try Nitro Sign today for free.

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