Advice on Using Contracts for Plumbing Projects with Clients

Looking for a plumbing contract template to use for your business? We’ve got a template ready to be customized for your needs today.

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PDF Template - plumbing services contract template

Are you a plumbing contractor looking for a contract to be used with clients? If so, our easily customizable plumbing contract template is just what you need to protect your business and your clients.

Important Considerations for Your Plumbing Project Contract

Below We’ll Cover:

  • Important Details to Include in Your Plumbing Projects Contract
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  • Links to Additional Resources
  • How to Get Your Contract Signed

Important Details to Include in Your Plumbing Projects Contract

As a plumbing contractor, you undoubtedly understand the importance of defining the scope and details of a project before agreeing to undertake the job. Putting the agreement you have reached with a client in writing is critical to ensuring the details of the agreement are clear to both parties. Moreover, having a signed contract in place dramatically reduces the likelihood of a dispute which can lead to stressful and expensive litigation.

When creating your plumbing projects contract, be sure to include the following details:

  • Contact information for both parties and location of the project
  • A detailed description of the plumbing services to be performed
  • Clear payment terms
  • Responsibility for permits and insurance
  • Modification or changes
  • Default and remedies
  • Arbitration, jurisdiction, and other legal provisions

Clauses to Consider Adding

  • Staggered Payments. Like many contractors, you may require a portion of the total price to be paid before work begins with staggered payments thereafter. If so, make it clear in the contract how much is to be paid initially, how much of the project must be completed for additional payments, and when the final payment is to be made by the client.
  • Sub-Contractors. If there is a possibility that you will employ subcontractors on the project, include a clause that explicitly allows for the use of them.
  • Contract Deadline. Because the costs associated with both labor and materials can change rapidly, consider adding a contract acceptance deadline to your contract. You can use Nitro Sign to get any of your contracts or important documents signed quickly and easily!

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Plumbing Project Contract

To ensure that both you and your client are clear on the terms of your agreement regarding the plumbing project, avoid making the following mistakes when customizing your plumbing projects contract:

  • A vague description of the project. Without a clear and concise description of the project, you could end up obligated to repair a massive plumbing issue that initially appeared to be a quick and simple repair.
  • Failing to require changes to be agreed to in writing. You undoubtedly know that the scope and/or details of a plumbing project frequently need to be changed or modified. Never agree to verbal changes relating to the contract. Instead, always require both parties to agree in writing.
  • Not requiring a lien release. Your contract should protect both you and your client. With that in mind, be sure to include a provision that requires you to provide a lien release upon final payment.
  • Lack of clarity regarding permits, zoning, and local restrictions. Local regulations and restrictions apply to many plumbing projects, including the need to secure applicable permits. Be sure to make it clear who is responsible for securing permits and adhering to those regulations as well as what happens if a permit is denied, or regulations/restrictions prevent the intended work from moving forward.

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How to Get Your Contract Signed

Proper execution of any contract is crucial to ensuring that the terms agreed upon in the contract will hold up in court should a dispute arise. In today’s digital world, the ability to have your contract signed electronically is imperative. Once you have customized your plumbing projects contract to reflect the agreement reached between you and your client, sending it to your client for a signature is easy and quick with Nitro. Start your Nitro free trial today.

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