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KISSmetrics Shares How They Use Nitro Cloud


Busy only begins to describe the KISSmetrics Sales team. From the top of the morning until after quitting time, they’re making calls, speaking with prospects, and closing deals. All of …

Busy only begins to describe the KISSmetrics Sales team. From the top of the morning until after quitting time, they’re making calls, speaking with prospects, and closing deals. All of this activity leads to dozens of documents, like contracts, offer letters, and partnerships, all requiring signatures from people who are not in the KISSmetrics office (or anywhere near it, for that matter).

You’re probably familiar with the conventional method for obtaining a signature, which goes something like this:

1) You send PDF to Ms. X asking for her signature

2) Ms. X downloads it and prints it

3) Ms. X signs it

4) Ms. X either:

a) Faxes the document back to you, or

b) Scans and downloads the document to her computer before emailing you a new PDF back

Even if Ms. X has all the proper equipment, this process takes her up to 30 minutes. Add to the fact that some people don’t have a fax machine, scanner, or even a printer, and this process can take even longer. And, what if Ms. X is plugging away on work in a coffee shop when she realizes she needs to sign your document?

When you’re swapping documents and requesting signatures every day like the KISSmetrics sales team, multiple half-hour procedures pile up and negatively impact productivity.

To save time and resources, the sales team uses Nitro Cloud. The entire signature process can be brought down to as little as five minutes, requiring only a few clicks.

Here’s how it works:

Say KISSmetrics’s Director of Sales, Rossi Khoung, needs to send a client a document. He logs into Nitro Cloud and clicks on “Add New Document”:


Rossi then adds the document from either his hard drive or a cloud storage platform such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive:


Once he selects a document, Rossi can use Nitro Cloud to perform a number of tasks. He can convert it to a different file format, request a signature (or sign it himself), invite others to collaborate on the document, or share it with others:


In this case, he’s requesting a signature. After specifying his request, Rossi marks the fields on the PDF where a signature is requested:


After selecting the fields, he prepares the email and sends directly from Nitro Cloud, even if the recipient does not use Nitro:


Upon selecting “Request Signature,” Rossi sees confirmation that the email was sent:


For Rossi, this process takes at most 3 minutes. After the PDF is sent, the document appears in the client’s inbox:


As noted in the email, the recipient does not need a Nitro Cloud account to sign the document. Once the recipient clicks on “Sign via Nitro Cloud,” he is taken to the PDF:


Clicking on the signature area, brings up pop-up screen. Here, the recipient can write, type or upload a copy of his signature. For today, he is typing his signature:


The signature appears once he clicks “Apply Signature” and he can move on to enter his name and title.


After entering the name and title, the recipient and signer can submit the document. Upon hitting submit, a pop-up shows that the document is processing. Afterward, and the recipient receives an email notification confirming his signature:


On the other end, Rossi receives an email notification showing that the recipient has signed the document. When he opens it in Nitro Cloud he sees the signed document:


That’s it. No printer, scanner, fax machine, or downloads are necessary. The entire process can take less than five minutes with only a few clicks with all the documents saved in the cloud. Plus, we can create templates for standardized documents – meaning we create it once, and then reuse it over and over again on the fly without having to re-create or re-upload.

Using Nitro Cloud helps the KISSmetrics sales team save time, work more efficiently, and stay organized. Because of this, they can focus on the things that really matter – speaking with prospects and racking up sales!

Interested in learning how your business can follow in KISSmetric’s fast-signing footsteps? See the benefits of a Nitro Cloud subscription today.