The Four Simple Keys to Successful Change Management

The pressure to execute digital transformation continues to challenge the enterprise. With every line of business pushing for digital improvements, IT leaders are finding themselves in a web of requests with conflicting suggestions on where to begin and how to approach the change management process. Gartner reports that 62% of CEOs currently have transformation programs to make their business more digital. But any form of digitization demands a unified change management plan—from communicating the need for change to implementing new technology to ultimately driving user adoption of those new systems. While organizations may lean into a digital shift, navigating the accompanying change management process can be ambitious, even for the most tenured IT leader.

At Nitro, we work with every customer to manage their transition from Adobe to Nitro and to make change management seamless and effortless. Our latest eBook shares the best practices we’ve learned over the years to help businesses of every size navigate change more strategically and successfully.

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What you’ll find in this resource:

The common barriers to traditional change management

The four keys to change management success

The organization-wide benefits you’ll see as a result of your efforts