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At Nitro we don’t just close a sale, we open a relationship. Our Nitronauts are some of the best in the biz

At Nitro we don’t just close a sale, we open a relationship. Our Nitronauts are some of the best in the biz; engaging customers directly and ensuring product adoption and utility in each end-user’s experience. In 2016’s first installment of a ‘Day in the Life of a Nitronaut,’ we’re giving you a peek inside Nitro’s Enterprise Sales team for some insight from Andy Gehle and Andy Baillie. They discuss the unique opportunity in selling our product to some of world’s largest companies.

Andy Gehle, Enterprise Sales, North America

Describe the opportunity here, Andy. What is it like to work for Nitro?

Andy Gehle: Nitro is unique in many ways. There’s been a shift in how we bring our products to market, and taking our message to large Fortune 500 companies is a fairly new motion. The Enterprise segment of Nitro is where we expect the most growth in 2016.

Ein Unternehmensvertreter bei Nitro hat enorme Möglichkeiten, das Ergebnis von Nitro und auch die Prozesse rund um unsere Geschäftsabläufe umfassend zu beeinflussen. Das ist eine schöne Herausforderung und einer der vielen Gründe, warum ich hier arbeiten möchte.

Any advice for those interested in a role on this team?

AG: I’d say that if you’re accustomed to flying under the radar, then an Enterprise role might not be for you. You have a lot of eyes on you and your deals and poor performance, execution, and sales numbers are hard to hide. We have tremendous revenue expectations this year, and that either translates into motivation or anxiety…and anxiety doesn’t close deals.

Ich würde sogar sagen, dass man WIRKLICH viel vom Verkauf verstehen und/oder eine harte Schule durchlaufen haben muss. Es gibt einfach so viele Möglichkeiten, Geschäfte zu verlieren, wenn man anfängt, siebenstellige Beträge zu verlangen. Wenn Sie die Gründe für das Scheitern von Geschäften nicht verstehen, die Gründe nicht richtig einschätzen und perfekt ausgleichen, verbringen Sie viel Zeit mit sehr netten Gesprächen, ohne aber viele Verträge zu schließen.

Auf welches erreichte Ziel während Ihrer Zeit bei Nitro sind sie am meisten stolz?

AG: I was lucky to be part of a team that closed a six figure deal within my first two months at Nitro. Large deals in Q4 are always fun, but it was much more profound to see the way the Enterprise team worked together to get it done. It was most definitely a team win, and really has set a template of what success will look like moving forward in 2016.

Andy Baillie, Enterprise Sales, EMEA

Wie sind Sie zu Ihrer Karriere im Verkauf gekommen, Andy?

Andy Baillie: More by luck then judgement! I was a journalist and a buddy from university mentioned that Software Sales utilized many of the same skills as journalism; attention to detail, deadlines, working under pressure. I enjoy a good challenge and thrive in the competitive aspect of sales; I love my job and I look forward to meeting and speaking with new people each day.

Why Nitro? How do you distinguish the product from others?

AB: Having been in the document industry for several years I have seen the opportunities around Productivity and Efficiency for digital apps – Nitro stood out as being a universal product. The product can be plugged effectively into any organization in any country and implemented at impressive speeds. As the world moves closer to a digital economy Nitro offers a secure and paperless solution to the way each employee manages documents and thinks about their workflow – an all-in-one productivity solution is seemingly inevitable. I am excited to see the company grow in the coming years.

Was ist das Beste an Ihrer Arbeit?

AB: People – both colleagues and customers. I love learning about how organizations work and how Nitro’s technology can be applied to improve business and a company’s overall wellbeing. The culture among my colleagues embodies hard work, a great sense of humor, and above all, a tireless effort to improve people’s lives with the product we are building.

What are some of the challenges you face in your role?

AB: Manchmal (oft) halten wir ein Dutzend Mal dasselbe Treffen mit einem potenziellen Kunden ab, weil verschiedene Interessengruppen daran beteiligt sind. Am Ende bedeutet das, dass wir sehr spezifische und gezielte Botschaften an jeden Einzelnen und jede Gruppe übermitteln müssen. Dinge zu vereinfachen macht es leichter, ein ja zu bekommen und führt zum Erfolg.

Worauf freuen Sie sich in diesem Jahr?

AB: With work – contributing to the continued growth and success of Nitro in EMEA. Growing the Enterprise business and smashing records!

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