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The World Wide Web becomes publicly available

The Nitro Story

With roots in Australia, employees across the globe, and an ambitious vision for smarter documents, our journey has only just begun.


The first PDF (Portable Document Format) is created

The video-sharing website “YouTube” is founded

Apple releases the first iPhone

Google launches a web browser called “Chrome”

Windows 7 is announced


Nitro is founded in Melbourne, Australia

The release of Nitro Pro, the world's first and leading alternative to Adobe Acrobat


Nitro reaches $1 million in annual revenue


Nitro opens its new headquarters in downtown San Francisco

The photo-sharing app “Instagram” is released

The end of the Mayan calendar does not bring the end of the world

Google announces the driverless car


Nitro reaches 200,000 customers


Milo, our Nitro-fueled flying wombat mascot, is born


Nitro raises $6.6 million from Australia's Starfish Ventures


Nitro debuts Nitro Cloud, the easiest way to share, sign, and collaborate


Nitro opens European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland

Battery Ventures invests $15 million

Augmented reality app “Pokemon Go” sweeps the world


Nitro reaches over 600,000 customers

A document revolution...

As far as we see it, we’ve only just begun to change how the world works with documents. We strive not only to stay on the cutting edge of technology, but to pave the way for the next generation of smarter documents—from machine learning to natural language processing.

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