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Mace Group reduces costs by 63% per user after switching to Nitro
“The Nitro team will work with you and listen to you. Anything you need support on, they’re there for you.”
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Nitro PDF Pro

Nitro helps Mace Group to bring productivity tools to more users.

Bring core PDF editing capabilities to more users for less
Mace Group employs more than 1,000 knowledge workers around the world—all of whom need access to PDF editing capabilities to complete their day-to-day work. Before 2020, those workers had been using another established provider of PDF tools. Faced with a need to expand coverage to more employees, the company sought an alternative vendor who could deliver the same functionality at a lower cost. It was essential a new solution offered the same core document creation, editing and sharing capabilities as the previous vendor, including file conversions from key MS applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Mace also needed streamlined change management and customer support so they could rapidly deploy their new solution to more than 1,000 users. A top priority for Mace Group was finding a partner who aligned with their sustainability and accessibility efforts, and who would be willing to work with them to shape new features and updates around their business needs.
Nitro delivers substantial cost savings with minimal disruption
Mace partnered with IT solutions provider CDW to identify the best alternative PDF vendor—a solution that would enable them to meet the needs and goals of the business while also achieving significant cost savings per user. Leon Batchelor, CDW Account Director: "With spiraling costs and an unattractive licensing model, Mace approached CDW asking for recommendations to move away from their existing PDF vendor. CDW identified Nitro as a great potential fit for a PDF solution based on Mace’s needs and the market.” Following an initial soft launch to 340 users in 2020, Mace Group decided to adopt Nitro as its default PDF solution, rapidly onboarding an additional 1,100 users in 2021. Their knowledge workers are now using Nitro for an average of three hours per week, with key user groups including Marketing, Legal and HR. Nitro’s customer support team ensured the switch was both rapid and seamless. Ian Steere, Digital Business Partner at Mace, explains: “Effective training is critical when you give people a new tool. It helps them understand how to use it and it means you get fewer issues down the line. Nitro’s customer support team held lots of training sessions during the transition and the feedback we got from employees was fantastic.”

The Results

1,100 users onboarded in less than two weeks
Thanks to a robust change management plan and ongoing support from Nitro’s expert team, Mace Group moved users to the new platform quickly and with minimal disruption. Nitro’s intuitive user interface and robust PDF editing capabilities have helped accelerate its adoption as the company’s go-to productivity tool.
Cost per user reduced by 63%
Switching to Nitro has enabled Mace Group to achieve total cost savings of 63% per user, with 1,600 employees now using the productivity tool. This significant decrease in cost made it possible for them to launch Nitro to more users, with license numbers growing over 9% since their initial adoption.
Annual productivity savings of £843K
Extending the use of productivity tools has helped Mace save significant time and money, with productivity savings across all users totaling £843K in the last 12 months. This includes 1,294+ hours that employees have saved by applying signatures via QuickSign in Nitro PDF Pro.
Nitro PDF Pro provides excellent PDF editing capability that more of our employees can take advantage of thanks to the competitive license model. This allows us to improve our document quality and deliver distinctive value to our clients. It was straightforward to deploy globally, and the adoption was a success thanks to Nitro’s proactive Customer Success team.
Ian Steere | Digital Business Partner
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