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Nitro Sign Premium Saves Antwerp Police Time and Money
“Nitro really managed to even surpass our expectations in terms of customer experience and convenience.”
Antwerp, Belgium
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Criminal justice system
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Nitro Sign Premium

A speedy transformation

The Challenge
Replace manual, paper-based processes with eSign & digital workflows
Digipolis Antwerp, an IT-partner of the city of Antwerp group, sought an electronic signature solution on behalf of the Antwerp Police that would alleviate dependence on paper-based operations and reduce document processing time. The reliance on printed documentation often resulted in officers stepping away from the front lines to complete administrative tasks. Signature requests through the mail or in-person would create workflow delays, especially when individuals signed reports in the wrong place or wished to discuss a specific clause prior to signing. The Antwerp Police wanted to eliminate its paper use and utilize a flexible, secure and intuitive digital platform for signatures that would remove the risk of user error and allow for more immediate action.
The Solution
A user-friendly, cost-saving electronic signature solution
Digipolis Antwerp elected to partner with Nitro for its focus on security and ability to adapt its products to established organizational processes as part of a digital transformation. With Nitro Sign Premium’s user-friendly platform, Antwerp Police saw a 90% user acceptance rate within six months and achieved their goal to cease paper use entirely. Their positive experience with eSign led Digipolis Antwerp to utilize Nitro products for other city services and departments.

The Results

Faster turnaround
With Nitro Sign Premium, the Antwerp Police implemented a 100% paperless process that removed delays previously experienced between document creation, signing and distribution. Users could electronically sign documents from anywhere and receive clear instructions on how to do so. Officers could again focus on their fieldwork while the new digital system handled the “paperwork”.
High-trust eSignature security
Nitro Sign Premium provides an electronic signature solution compliant with eIDAS regulations. Automated digital validation requirements replaced the need for manual visual confirmation. Nitro also worked with Antwerp Police to install the system within their security walls so citizens could access what they needed while the police operated in a closed network with high security and confidentiality.
Seamless software integration
Nitro Sign Premium APIs provided flexibility for the Antwerp Police to customize digital signatures to their existing software. As a result, the department can handle 10,000 signatures a month and counting. Additionally, Nitro’s support and guidance through updated workflows resulted in a 90% acceptance rate by end-users within six months.
Thanks to Nitro, we could modernize our Information Management and ICT infrastructures resulting in a reduction and even elimination of the majority of administrative tasks.
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Ronald Tack, Chief of Antwerp Police
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