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Whether you are a loyal customer or new to Nitro, welcome! This is your hub for the latest product innovations, enhancements and integrations included in our Summer Release across the Nitro Productivity Platform.

What is the Nitro Productivity Platform?

Transform your documents into editable, shareable and eSign-enabled PDF documents with automated workflows and integrations to your existing document solutions. The Nitro Productivity Platform is a high-trust, secure solution built for collaboration across Nitro PDF Pro, Nitro Sign, Nitro Analytics, Document Generation and Identity Services.

Key Benefits for Nitro Customers

We’ve combined several exciting updates to help increase efficiency, security and visibility in your business.

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Work smarter and faster in Microsoft SharePoint, Azure and iManage with enhanced Nitro integrations.
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Capture powerful intelligence to identify trends, improve productivity and quantify Nitro’s ROI.
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Support compliant, high-trust eSignatures with a variety of signing methods in Nitro Sign Premium.

What’s New?

Powerful Visibility with Nitro Analytics

Nitro PDF Pro for Mac

PDF Integration Made Easy

Simple, Secure eSigning with Nitro Sign

Improve Productivity with a More Intuitive User Experience

Powerful Visibility with Nitro Analytics

Nitro Analytics offers powerful insights into your business data.

The biggest competitive edge you have in business is the ability to make data-driven decisions. Nitro Analytics is a unique differentiator for our business customers. Get actionable insights to help monitor usage and identify trends within Nitro while you demonstrate return on investment to key stakeholders.

In addition to dashboards for Nitro PDF Pro and Nitro Sign, we’ve added a new ROI Dashboard with:

  • Paper and Costs Saved by eSigning
  • Time Saved by eSigning
  • Environmental Impact of eSigning
  • Automatic ROI Calculator: Instantly view an estimate of your ROI based on usage and industry standards.
  • Productivity Score: View the health of your organization as a single score across five core components—License Utilization, Usage Frequency, PDF Productivity, eSigning Usage and Print Reduction.

Nitro PDF Pro for Mac

Nitro PDF Pro is your all-in-one solution for reading, editing and increasing PDF productivity on your Mac devices. You will love the enhanced user experience and capabilities, including:

  • Work Faster: Access your favorite tools directly from the toolbar with our improved user interface (UI).
  • Be Creative: Enhanced highlighting provides greater color palette control and the ability to select custom colors from the toolbar.
  • Reduce Document Size: Customize MRC compression levels to reduce scanned document size prior to OCR.
  • Simplify Table of Contents Design: Easily reassign existing entries and reduce editing steps.
  • Accelerate OCR: The OCR menu now provides faster and more convenient access to features.
  • MacOS Monterrey Enhancements:
    • Capture quick notes using Nitro PDF Pro.
    • Open documents faster and automate tasks in Nitro PDF Pro.

PDF Integration Made Easy

Nitro lets you easily integrate PDF and productivity tools for increased productivity across your organization.

With Nitro PDF Pro integrations, productivity soars no matter where you work. Our Summer Release includes extended and enhanced integrations for:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
    • Open, upload, edit and save SharePoint documents within Nitro PDF Pro.
    • Access documents in Nitro PDF Pro from the location of your choosing.
    • Manage document versioning with automatic check in and out.
  • Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP)
    • Experience faster performance.
    • Secure and control documents and sensitive data using encryption, identity and authorization policies.
    • Track documents, detect risky behavior and prevent data leakage.
  • iManage
    • Perform default and advanced document workflows with iManage documents.
    • Improve efficiency for opening, editing and checking in iManage documents in Nitro PDF Pro.
    • Simplify workflows with direct access to iManage documents from the Nitro PDF Pro ribbon.
    • Increase document security as Nitro PDF Pro respects permissions set within iManage.

Simple, Secure eSigning with Nitro Sign

Nitro makes compliant eSigning easy, safe and efficient for all of your documents.

In the age of digital transformation, there has never been a greater need for trusted and compliant eSigning. Nitro has your back.

Nitro Sign now includes:

  • Improved Workflows and Templates: Easily amend new or previously created templates.
  • Increased File Size Limit: Upload files up to 20mb.
  • Outlook Plug-In: Send a document for eSigning without leaving Outlook.
  • Tamper-proof Audit Trail: Increase control and visibility into audits with digital certificates, protections and alerts for adjustments, and a downloadable audit trail.

Nitro Sign Premium adds advanced enterprise eSigning capabilities, including:

  • High-trust eSigning: Comply with stringent global regulations.
  • Flexibility: Leverage a wide variety of secure signing methods.
  • SSO with Cloud Accounts: Login securely with locally defined credentials or via cloud accounts like Google.
  • Reimagined Template Portal: Create and configure pre-defined workflows for an individual document or document package.

Improve Productivity with a More Intuitive User Experience

The Summer Release gives customers a fresh, clean user experience that is faster and easier to navigate across the Nitro Productivity Platform.

Contact a Nitro Product Expert Today

As your partner in productivity, we are here to answer any questions about the Summer Release updates and help you take full advantage of the Nitro Productivity Platform. Get in touch and let us know how we can help.