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BAM! Healthy Employees Make Happy Employees


Last month, we shared our beliefs around the importance of taking PTO. By promoting a balanced lifestyle through our company policies, we’ve cultivated a culture that perpetuates happiness, productivity, and incredible dedication among Nitronauts.

Our Employee Experience team is always thinking up new ideas for keeping our organization engaged and enthused. Recently, they kicked off Nitro’s first-ever global Wellness Week—five full days of working together to focus on health and how we can all be a little more active in our daily lives. Staying fit can be arduous, but Wellness Week made it fun, competitive and overall—AWESOME! Here’s what some of our Nitronauts had to say about Nitro’s first official Wellness Week:


“For Nitro, Wellness Week is a way to keep healthy goals and an active lifestyle on everyone’s mind in a fun and inspiring way. We love a little competition around here so we invested in FitBits for all of our Nitronauts, and we knew that would leave a lasting impression,” said Sarah Abendschein, SF Operations Manager, and the mastermind behind Wellness Week. As well as the Fitbit devices, bands and accessories similar to ones found on sites like Mobile Mob were also provided. “Our mission is to increase knowledge about fitness and present health-promoting opportunities, like subsidies for gym memberships, nutrition education, and mental health tips—in all of our global offices.”


Rella Kautiainen, Customer Success Representative and female winner of the prize for Most Steps Overall said, “Running has always been my outlet for stress-relieving endorphin surges and I feel overall mentally, physically and emotionally better while keeping moderate exercise in my life. I like to plan exercise with friends so that I can still be social and have someone to hold me accountable. Also running or walking around is the best way to explore a new city!”


“Wellness Week couldn’t have come at a better time, said Lee “Dodge” Hollingworth, Senior UX Designer and male winner of Most Steps Overall. “I’d already committed to getting back in shape the day after my birthday, which was the Monday that Wellness Week started. One motivation for me was towards the end of the challenge; a mate bet me I couldn’t get to 250,000 steps by Friday so Thursday I did 30 miles and Friday I did 40 miles. Another motivation came from watching others that were doing very well on the Fitbit group challenge. I kept refreshing my phone to update their steps and got nervous when I saw their numbers creep up.”

So there you have it— Nitro Wellness Week was a huge success! FitBits (to keep!), group activities like SoulCycle, CrossFit, Bumper Ballz, rock climbing, yoga and meditation, daily walking club and so much more—all in one week! We can’t wait for next year! Although on saying that, some of us are that excited for next year’s event, that we’re thinking of taking part in some of these activities throughout the year, like rock climbing and CrossFit. But many of us seemed to particularly enjoy the yoga and the instructors that taught us. They even said that they’re thinking about extending their knowledge by going to the rishikesh yoga teacher training class if they get the opportunity. If this is the case, we definitely can’t wait for next year so they can teach us some new things. In the meantime, it might be beneficial for us to brush up on our skills by finding a local yoga instructor in our area. At least this will give us the opportunity to stay fit and healthy.

Is a healthy, active company culture important to you? You can join in on the fun- find out about our career opportunities here!