Why We Believe in the Importance of Taking PTO

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Nitro is a staunch supporter of the “work hard, play hard” mentality—we believe that well-rested and happy employees are much more motivated to give their all at work. Our company vacation policies align with that philosophy, too—with a generous 15 days of paid time off (20 days once you’ve been on board for 2 years!), our Nitronauts have ample time to travel and find some true R&R.

“It’s really about us providing a work/life balance for Nitronauts,” said Erica Johnson, Director of Employee Experience at Nitro. “We strongly encourage people to take time off to be with their families, friends or to spend time with each other. We feel that the balance helps Nitronauts have a better experience at Nitro—and it prevents burnout. Our philosophy of ‘work hard, play hard’ is synonymous with Nitro culture—it’s important for Nitronauts’ own happiness and ultimately, the betterment of the business.”

As Erica said, Nitronauts are encouraged to use their PTO to recharge their batteries—so today, we’re highlighting a few who officially bid winter adieu and jetted off on some fantastic Spring holidays!

Ralf VonSosen, VP of Marketing

“This year we spent spring break in Maui, Hawaii, a favorite destination for me, my wife, and our four kids. Don’t make the mistake of thinking Maui is all relaxation for us, we play hard. Every morning at 6:30am we’re off on a 20 minute walk to our favorite snorkeling spot (Black Rock, Kaanapali Beach) to be the first ones in the water as the sun comes up.

After making our way back to the hotel, it is a strenuous rhythm of pool, beach, pool, beach, and we also take on a couple of excursions – whale watching with snorkeling, and zip-lining are the favorites. Being able to say you’ve done something like whale watching is pretty impressive in itself. No matter where you do this, whether it’d be san diego whale watching or whale watching in Hawaii, this will be something to remember for a very long time.

We push on into the evening with a healthy diet of gelato and shave ice while strolling the streets of Lahaina and other Maui towns. Oh yes, on the plane back everyone is sleeping.”

Sarah Abendschein, Operations Manager

“I spent my birthday in New Orleans with my sister, a friend, and fellow Nitronaut, Laine. We stayed in the Garden District for the first 3 days and then spent the last 4 days in Marigny. Our Airbnb’s made us feel right at home. The food scene in NOLA is incredible—we ate Migas, a Caribbean egg dish, for brunch and for every other meal we had to have a side of grits and biscuits. Also, they have killer Blood Marys (did you know you can order cocktails in a to-go cup!?).

On top of the amazing food, you’re surrounded by live jazz. We checked out a few spooky cemeteries, and one of them is actually home to Nicolas Cage’s future tomb—pretty strange. We ended off the trip with a necessary swamp tour. We were within a few feet of more than 40 alligators—but we made it out alive!”

Fiona Wong, Staff Accountant

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“I went to Hong Kong and Taiwan with a few friends. It was kind of an impromptu trip, we happened to come across really great round-trip tickets and we just booked it on a whim! While we were in Hong Kong, we did a lot of walking—mostly mini-hikes to check out beautiful views of the city. We walked down Avenue of the Stars and saw the most breathtaking view of the city and the water. The entire avenue is filled with art and history.

Some of my favorite memories of Taiwan were at night markets—a street full of vendors that sell clothing and food. It is so fun and affordable! Great quality sushi for an incredibly inexpensive price. It was an unforgettable experience!”

At Nitro, we don’t believe in burnout. We want you to be your best self—and we do what it takes to help you get there. Are you ready to take your dream vacation? What about your dream job? You could do both at Nitro—check out our open roles here!

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