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Viewing and Removing the OCR Layer

Viewing the OCR Text Layer

Once text has been recognized by the OCR process, it is placed on an invisible layer above the image of text that you can see. When you copy text, the text is copied from this invisible OCR text layer.

Text from the OCR text layer is a close, but not perfect, rendering of the bitmapped text. You will need to proofread and edit the text that results from OCR. When you copy and paste the OCR text, you may notice some inaccuracies which you can correct at that time.

View the OCR Text Layer:

  1. From the View menu choose OCR layer.
  2. A layer of text will appear over your document, showing the normally invisible OCR text.

Remove the OCR Layer

To completely remove the OCR layer from a document:

  1. Open the Edit menu.
  2. Choose Clear OCR Layer… (Command+Option+O).

At this point, you may redo OCR, or use the document as is. If you want to remove the OCR from a document to redo it, you may Force OCR.

Editing the OCR Text Layer

(Advanced feature of Nitro PDF Pro). See Editing the OCR Layer.

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