User Guide
Nitro PDF Pro MacOS

Editing the OCR Layer

(Advanced feature of Nitro PDF Pro)

Make corrections to the OCR text layer.

  1. From the View menu choose to view OCR info. A layer of text will appear over your document, showing the normally invisible OCR text.
  2. Select some text and a popup window will appear with options for editing the text one word or line at a time.
Changes to the OCR text layer are not the same as changes made using the Correct Text tool 
since changes to the OCR text layer are not made to the visible text of the document.

Also, similar to using the Correct Text tool
, this is aimed at correcting typos and small errors, not reformatting an entire document. For layout changes and major edits, Exporting to Microsoft® Office Formats, and make changes in a word processor.

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