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Adding Text

Inserting a Text Box

  1. Click the down arrow next to Annotate button
    in the Toolbar to reveal the tools.
  2. Select the Text tool
  3. Insert a text box in one of two ways:
    • Click anywhere on the page to insert a text box. The box will expand to hold the text you add.
    • Click and drag to create a text box with a specific size. The text will automatically wrap to the size of the box.
  4. Start typing. You can also paste text from the clipboard that you've previously copied.
  5. Use the handles to resize the text box; the text will automatically wrap.

Tips for Adding Text

  • By default, the Text tool
    reverts to the Edit tool
    after inserting text. Double-click the Text tool to keep it selected. This is especially helpful when filling forms.
  • Option-dragging a text box with the Edit tool will make a copy of the box. This can save time if you are repeating a style.
  • Choose Edit > Wrap Text to change the wrapping mode on any text box.
  • Choose Arrange > Snap to Guides to snap into position a text box on the same baseline as existing text. (Arranging Images and Objects).

Special Characters

  • Superscript and Subscript are located in Format > Font > Baseline.
  • Other Characters are located in Edit > Emoji & Symbols. (Also through the Fonts window > Tools menu > Characters.)

Formatting Text

See Formatting Text.

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