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Nitronaut Spotlight - A Q&A with Aliffer Manenti

Aliffer Manenti is known at Nitro for being an exceptional employee, always reaching targets, and the positive attitude he brings to each interaction, whether with fellow Nitronauts or customers. His energy and positive impact led to his promotion to a brand-new role at Nitro – a Sales Support Engineer.

We sat down with Aliffer to talk to him about how he has established this new role in the company, setting customers up for success and, most excitingly, the growth of his team.

Aliffer Manenti

C: Tell us a little bit about you.

A: My name is Aliffer Manenti. I am originally from Brazil, raised in an Italian family. I always wanted to come to Europe and travel around, and I got the opportunity to join Nitro in July of 2018 as an Enterprise Support Engineer.

C: You were recently promoted; congrats! What is your new role?

A: Thanks! My new role is a Sales Engineer; this role aims to help our customers and potential customers (pre-sales/post-sales) with any technical questions that they might have. It is a customer-facing role where the goal is to enrich the Nitro experience by providing technical guidance. To do so, I work closely with multiple internal teams, including Product, Engineering, Sales, Customer Success, and Customer Support, to address concerns and set our customers up for success.

C: How have you helped establish this new position?

A: Being the first Sales Support Engineer at Nitro, I helped design the workflows and how the day-to-day should look. I also built the relationship between the teams required to be successful in this role and the expectations for this role.

C: Your team is growing - exciting! Why should someone be interested in joining Nitro as a Sales Support Engineer?

A: I am glad you asked! This role is exciting for any independent individual who likes to be on the front line of the business. We work directly with customers, so there is never a boring day. Every day is different, and every deal is different, every environment and problem we solve is different. You never get bored while working in this role, and if you like talking to people from multiple backgrounds, you will love this role.

C: What advice would you give to someone who is interviewing?

A: Although technical skills are important, empathy is the most important aspect of the job. Understand why the customer needs your help, be there for them. At the end of the day, we are not here to sell the product; we are here to make the customer happy, so they stay with Nitro for the long term.

Aliffer’s daily practice of our company values and work ethic has seen him successfully carve his own path at Nitro – something we are proud to promote.

If this role interests you, the Sales Support Engineering team is growing! We are hiring now, and we encourage you to apply.

We're hiring in EMEA and the USA.