The Nitro 2020 Productivity Report

Workflow Innovation in a Digitized World

How today’s workforce can do more with their time, manage complex document processes, and stay satisfied in their jobs.

2020 Nitro Productivity Report spill

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Exploring the connections between documents, employee productivity, employee satisfaction, and beyond.

Nitro, partnering with Qualtrics, conducted a workplace productivity survey to gain a better understanding of the relationships between various aspects of employment, and how these factors impact knowledge workers—as individuals, and as a population. 

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  • Insights into the current state of workplace productivity, including the prevalence of stress, the role of document workflows, and who should be responsible for making improvements
  • A look at the challenges businesses face, including where employees think leadership should focus and the perceived barriers to change
  • A deeper understanding of the impact of poor document management on knowledge workers, operational efficiency, and an organization’s overall health

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