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UK Digital Identity Company OneID® and eSign Market Leader Nitro Announce Partnership

Nitro Software, a globally renowned leader in eSignatures and document productivity SaaS solutions, is proud to announce its latest big step in innovation through a strategic partnership with OneID®. This integration brings forth an unparalleled bank-verified signing experience within the United Kingdom.

About OneID®

OneID® is the UK’s premier identity service with unparalleled access to bank-verified data. With a comprehensive and distinctive digital ID verification process, OneID® offers real-time identity checks for 50 million UK adults—an astounding 97% of the adult population that holds a UK bank account.

A Synergy of Expertise

Nitro has consistently championed country-specific, best-of-breed identification and signing methods. This partnership integrates OneID® seamlessly into Nitro Software and promises to elevate the security and efficiency of the eSigning process across the UK. Nitro Sign Premium customers in the UK will enjoy the privilege of effortlessly incorporating OneID® into their workflows. Now, they can protect their electronic signatures with robust signer-identity verification, increase the evidentiary value of any digital signature they collect and significantly decrease their exposure to fraud.

Enhanced Trust and User Experience

Nitro Software and OneID® share a strong commitment to delivering innovative solutions that elevate digital security, efficiency and convenience. This partnership represents a significant milestone in the evolution of eSignatures in the UK, providing businesses and their customers with peace of mind and confidence in their electronic transactions.

The integration enables businesses to seamlessly incorporate OneID® into their eSigning process with Nitro.

The process is user-friendly and provides business users and their customers with a simple way to eSign documents in real-time.

"Nitro is the only solution that offers both identification in a KYC workflow and eSignatures with OneID®, alongside access to a wide array of other digital identity schemes, setting a new standard for high-trust transactions," says Filip Verreth, VP Product at Nitro.

How does it work?

OneID® is integrated with Nitro Software and can easily be incorporated into an eSigning process by selecting it as the preferred method of verification for the signer.

To use OneID®, an individual chooses the service as their verification method when signing a document, or proving their identity, and consents to OneID® contacting and verifying their details with their bank (online or mobile banking). Once verified, the individual can then continue to complete the secure eSigning process in just a few seconds.

Embedding OneID® into the eSigning process assures businesses that the signer is present and their details have been verified by their bank.

Enabling businesses to increase conversion and maintain compliance

This collaboration merges the most advanced security measures with effortless efficiency. It empowers individuals to embrace electronic transactions confidently, ensuring their identities are protected and helping businesses increase conversion and maintain compliance.

Together, Nitro Software and OneID® are at the forefront of shaping a secure digital future for both businesses and consumers within the United Kingdom.
Paula Sussex, CEO at OneID®

About OneID
OneID® is the UK's leading identity service, providing access to bank-verified data for secure online transactions. With a comprehensive digital ID verification process, OneID® is poised to redefine identity authentication in the digital age. Learn more at

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