Advice to Properly and Legally Structure Separation Agreements for Anyone

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If you and your spouse are parting ways, or you're considering divorce but exploring a separation for the time being, having a separation agreement is important. But you might not be sure how to create one that works for your needs. The best option is to choose a separation agreement template, because it includes the legal language you'll need for it to be binding.

You'll also have the opportunity to fill in the details, so the agreement will be right for your specific needs. That way, you and your spouse can feel confident that both of you are being treated fairly and justly in the agreement. If you don't want to get attorneys involved, a separation agreement template can be the right option.

Table of Contents

The most important part of a separation agreement is ensuring that any legal requirements or phrasing for that type of agreement are met. That way you can both have peace of mind, and you will both know that the agreement you've made is enforceable. Here, we'll cover:

  •  Important Clauses
  • Best Practices
  • Tips for Secure Signing
  • Key Considerations
  • Additional Resources

Important Clauses for a Separation Agreement

Like other kinds of contracts, a separation agreement needs proper wording and clauses to be valid. If something is left out, that could mean you or your spouse won't get what you both agreed to, or what is fair. Not only can that be frustrating, but it can be financially or emotionally damaging, as well. That's why a separation agreement template needs to be handled with care. Some of the clauses that could be included within that agreement are:

  1. The Parties -- The names and identifying information of both spouses should be included, along with the date and other information about their marriage.
  2. Child Custody -- If there are any children born of the marriage, custody and visitation arrangements during the separation should be included.
  3. Property Division -- How the property is being divided during the separation is important, but may not be the same as it would be in a divorce.
  4. Living Arrangements -- Living separately and apart is the most common way to handle this kind of situation, and if there are conditions on that they should be spelled out clearly.
  5. Debts and Obligations -- How both spouses handle any obligations and debts during the separation can matter, especially if those debts are joint.

You don't need to worry about creating a separation agreement on your own, or hire an attorney, when you can use a separation agreement template that works for the needs of you and your spouse.

Best Practices for Separation Agreements

If you and your spouse are going to be separating, having a separation agreement template can help you make decisions and include information so you can move forward with the process. Among the best practices for doing that successfully include:

  • Reducing confusion about living arrangements, finances, and other factors.
  • Adding any specific details or requirements that are going to be part of your agreement.
  • Creating an agreement that gives both of you proper legal protection, and doesn't affect a divorce in the future.

You want to feel secure during a separation, and so does your spouse. If you choose a separation agreement template, that security can be easier to develop. While a separation isn't always easy, sometimes it can be the best option. Handling it properly from a legal standpoint may reduce the stress that comes with it.

Tips for Security in a Separation Agreement

The easiest way to securely sign and send your separation agreement is touse Nitro Sign. It works for all your important documents, including separation agreements. Signing online is easy, safe, and secure, so you can feel confident that the agreement has been handled properly and made binding.

Key Considerations for Separation Agreements

There are several key considerations when it comes to a separation agreement template. These are important to address, and they include:

  • Making sure that all the details of the agreement are clear and direct.
  • Using a template that provides the clauses and information you and your spouse need.
  • Choosing to work through any areas where you may have trouble agreeing, for fairness.

A separation agreement template can be the right choice when you and your spouse want to separate and don't want to bring in attorneys at that time.

Additional Resources

Want to know more? Here are some resources you can consider:

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