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Looking for a restaurant employment agreement to use for your business? We’ve got a template ready to be customized for your needs today.

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PDF Template - restaurant employment contract template

Running a restaurant isn't easy, but it can be extremely rewarding. One of the biggest areas where care is needed, is food safety. Another is hiring. If you're hiring in a restaurant, there are a lot of things you'll want to avoid. You need the best people, and to attract them, you also need a good restaurant employee agreement template.

When you use a template you can rely on, you'll have the opportunity to make sure all the important areas are covered. That legally protects your business, and makes it easier for you and your employees to work well together. Additionally, you'll want to be sure employees know they're being compensated fairly and have rights, as well. Here's what to look for in that agreement.

Table of Contents

A restaurant employment agreement template should cover all the necessary areas of your business relationship with your employees. No matter the type of restaurant, or the specifics of the agreement, a template can help. Here in this article, you'll learn about:

  • Important Clauses
  • Best Practices
  • Tips for Security
  • Key Considerations
  • Additional Resources

Important Clauses in Restaurant Employment Agreements

Anytime you're creating an agreement for your business, you want to make sure you're spelling out the details. With a restaurant employment agreement template, that's easier and faster. Why? Because there are some specific clauses that are already being used in the template. You only need to fill in the details, and add anything that's particular to your restaurant or agreement, that might not be included otherwise. Here are some of the main clauses you'll want to have.

1. Employment -- this will address the specific kind of employment the employee is involved with, and what the requirements of that employment actually are.

2. Best Efforts -- the best efforts of the employee will be required, in order to make sure the restaurant has the highest chance to operate as it should.

3. Compensation -- In return for the employee's best efforts, the employee will be compensated fairly, in agreed-upon ways that are negotiated between the employee and your restaurant.

4. Expenses and Recommendations -- If the employee incurs expenses as part of their job, or if they have recommendations that can help your restaurant, these clauses spell out how those are handled.

5. Non-Compete -- you may have some direct competitors in the area, and the goal is to stop your employees from working for those restaurants if they leave yours, usually for a two-year period.

6. Confidentiality -- Confidential information is one of the things your restaurant really needs to protect.

With a restaurant employment agreement template, you can make sure these clauses are included, so your employee will know what they can and can't do.

Best Practices for a Restaurant Employment Agreement

The restaurant employment agreement template you pick will affect how much you'll need to fill in on your own. You'll want to make sure you're not leaving anything blank, because that can cause problems later. As you work through the template, be sure you're considering:

  • The legal language that applies to restaurant employment agreements in your state.
  • Details of what's required from your employee, and what you will provide to them, as well.
  • Any specific legal requirements for the kind of service they'll perform (i.e. have to be 21 to serve alcohol, etc.).

Your restaurant employees want to know what will be expected of them, and what they can expect from you, as well. Best practices help with that.

Tips for Providing a Secure Agreement

The very best way to have a secure restaurant employment agreement is by handling it all electronically. You can use Nitro Sign for your important agreements and documents, to make that easier. It's secure, quick, and convenient.

Key Considerations for the Completion of a Restaurant Employment Agreement

If you're a restaurant owner or manager who needs a restaurant employment agreement template, you know there are good reasons to keep everything uniform. That way, all the contracts with your employees offer:

  • Wording that's specific to the restaurant industry and your establishment.
  • Attention to details that often get overlooked (like non-compete and confidentiality).
  • Security for your restaurant, patrons, and other employees.
  • Proper legal considerations for the restaurant trade, such as concerns over serving alcohol or items cooked rare.

The right restaurant employment agreement protects your restaurant, and it's worth taking the time to use, with every employee.

Additional Resources

Ready to learn more? Here are some restaurant employment agreement resources:

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